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Are KSC-50's any better than Sportapros?
In my opinion, yes, MUCH.

As has been discussed many times here, the following headphones all use the same drivers; however, based on their enclosures and fit, they sound different. This is my ranking (best to worst):


KSC-50 (new version of the 35s, same style as the 35s, but a bit less bass and completely inferior fit)

PortaPros (supposedly the "top of the line" in the series, but still a bit too much bass)

SportaPros (fit very tightly and thus have *very* boomy bass)

There is also a new model, the KSC-55 which is the KSC-50 with a behind-the-head "StreetStyle" headband.
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Guess it'd be worth it for me to pick up a pair since they look a lot better than the sportapros and sound better. I still have never seen KSC-35's in Canada.
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MacDEF said...

There is also a new model, the KSC-55 which is the KSC-50 with a behind-the-head "StreetStyle" headband.
So the KSC-55 should sound just like the KSC-50, right? Hmm, I've really got to pick me up a pair of the 35s or 50s one of these days...
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I just went to CC and got some ksc-50's too. $15 is a GREAT deal on these. When I first came here, I had just bought and returned a pair of really crappy Koss' at Walmart. Now, I really don't consider myself an audiophile, but those were so bad that it was worth it to me to get my $20 back from them. They asked why I was returning them and I told them straight up that they sounded like crap. So when I asked the typical newbie question here: best headphone for under $50 and people started recommending the Koss 35/50's, I was like "NO WAY".

Anyway, now that I've given in, I understand where everyone is coming from. These give the Grado SR-60s a run for their money in the sound department. The one thing I don't like about them is the way they fit, it is a little loose and they look really goofy on your ears (personally, I think grado's are some of the coolest cans you can find, so take my style opinions with a grain of salt).

Anyway, I grabbed the last pair that were there the other day, for $15 they are the best buy in the headphone arena (at least in my experience.

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What were the headphones that you returned in exchange for the KSC-50s? I just got the Sporta Pros for the very low price of $12, but their excessive bass is making me think of returning them and getting the KSC-50s for the extra $3 ($15). The only thing I am concerned about is the fit of the KSC-50s. I've heard a lot of comments about them being loose fitting, and I really dont want them falling off while I ride my bike or am jogging. Also, is the sound pretty much identical to the Sporta Pros except for the bass? Thanks for any recommendations on this topic.
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Deuce, I can't find the KCS-50's on CanTire's web site.
Did you see them on the web, or did you see them locally?
And are you sure they were 50's?

See MacDEFs thread for very detailed pictures of these phones.

If they are, I'll go to the next CanTire right away. I could use another pair of toss-around phones.


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The ones I returned were something like TD-61 or something along those lines. They didn't have too much bass, in fact they had virtually no bass and were just NOISY, hissing all the time and sounded like listening through literal can's (like jolly green giant cans I mean...)

The ksc-50's are a little loose, but I don't get the feeling they'll fall off my head during activity, they just don't feel "clamped" down, which I think is what MacDef was talking about when he said that was why the bass wasn't as overpowering with them. The sportapros are held tighter to your ear which exaggerates the bass. If you aren't happy with that sound, you may indeed prefer the ksc-50's, or you may want to wait until the ksc-55's are available as you may prefer the behind the neck fit of them to the ear hook 50's.

I've been listening to them more today and I am very impressed. (Remember, I'm not an audiophile with a trained ear, but I know they sound better than just about any other headphone I've heard..)
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Ok, so I went to Canadian Tire and got myself a pair of KSC-50's.

At the end, they were 35 $CAN (~ 24$US) + tax but it took me 15 minutes on my bike to get there so I got them anyway.

When I pulled my PCDP out of the back pack, my MX400s
seemed to be scared - and they have every reason to be!

Optically, the Koss are a perfect match for my silver CT570 and IMHO look pretty cool otherwise ( they don't look as good on my ears though... but usually I don't see myself anyway, and I don't care if other people think I look weird )
I wanted these cans as toss-around phones and for working out, and they really serve their purpose well and don't come off easily (as earbuds would do)
What I don't like is the sharpness of this hard plastic the rubber/wire is attached to - it hurts my ears if I have them in the wrong position.

The sound is really good out of my PCDP. Tight low/mid bass - something you wouldn't expect from a cheap phone (and don't get from ones that are 5 times the price - see v600 )
Good detailed highs and upper midrange. Some might think they're bright, I think they're just right.
Of course, the Koss are not perfect. They lack the soundstage of better headphones. They also have a certain harshness in the upper bass/ lower midrange region that I don't like.

I think these are amazing headphones for their price - an incredible bargain. Right now I'm trying to chear up my MX400, and indeed those are better in situations where you can't have the Koss' sound leakage (like on the plane). But other than that the KSC-50 have taken over as my portable toss-around phones.

Thanks to jude, MacDEF, and Deuce_Bigalow

And vij, are you still accepting applications for Team Cheapo-Koos?


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Hehe... another KSConvert.
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*sigh*.. I couldn't resist the temptation..
Like Redwoood, I just went out to Canadian Tire and got myself a pair of KSC-50s, despite the fact that I already own the PortaPros..

Indeed, the sound is very similar between the two, as they both use the exact same drivers, but the sound is MUCH less boomier and MUCH clearer on the KSC-50, simply because of the lack of pressure against your ears. You can simulate the KSC-50 sound on the PortaPros by slightly pulling the drivers away from your ears, and you can simulate the PortaPro sound on the KSC-50 by pressing them against your ears.

Considering I payed half of what I payed to get the PortaPro, the KSC-50 for 29.99 CDN is a very very good deal.. If you're in Canada, you should definitely pay Canadian Tire a visit soon...
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hey fiddler, have you tried the Rat Shack pad mod on your Porta Pro?
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I'm *always* accepting applications....please enter the cue...you already have a place...
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Ok, count me in then.
But I demand premier membership since I paid 5 dollars more than fiddler (grmpfl.... Canadian Tire...#$%@# )



EDIT: coolvij, your PM mailbox is full. You should better clean it up
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In Vancouver, the Portapros are $60 or $70 cdn, and they are on sale at A&B Sound for $55 quite often. They also carry the ksc-50 for $35. The EX70lp's are $80 at the sony store, and the Senn mx-400's are $25 at radio shack.
Well, they say SportaPro on their web site, but the picture is a PortaPro - and the price of 70$CAN (45$ US) would be extremely expensive for SportaPros...
Yup, they're the Portapro's, they just named them wrong, the description and price both seem to fit the Portapros.
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hey fiddler, have you tried the Rat Shack pad mod on your Porta Pro?
Yes, and it even has the dime sized hole in the middle.. The difference it makes is big enough to make me keep the modded pads. The treble is clearer making it sound a little more balanced.. However, the Portas with the modded pads are still not as balanced as the KSC-50s.
Now about comfort on the KSC-50s.. They're relatively comfortable.. but you can't lie down and listen to them without having them trying to fall off.. it's a little annoying.. and I wouldn't ever consider running with these.. They're just a tad too loose so they kinda wobble around.. Does anybody have any ideas on how to improve the fit on these? Maybe heat up the plastic clip part a bit and remold it tad?

Oh yeah, and Redwoood, sorry, my bad... I payed 35 plus tax just like you, not 30
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