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Bought Myself Some KSC-50's

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Okay, this is certainly not as exciting as, say, gmc's review of the Stax Omega 2's, but I went looking for Koss KSC-35's with my wife yesterday, and we weren't able to find any in the area, so I ended up buying the Koss KSC-50's at Circuit City for around $15. Yes, if not the Omega 2's, then get the next best thing, I always say.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I'm very impressed by these fifteen-buck phones. I ran some of my best CD's and SACD's through my Max and into these KSC-50's, and what I heard surprised the heck out of me -- some deep bass response, and an overall tonality that is quite balanced on the whole. Does it have the deeeeeep bass presentation of Sony's MDR-V6/7506's? No. But it does have far more extension down there than most of us are probably expecting for $15. Does it have the tautness and control in the bass region that the Sennheiser HD-600's have? Of course not, but it is still well-controlled, and certainly doesn't come off as slow. The KSC-50's midrange is reproduced with generally good accuracy, if not round, full body and sweetness. And though there's a bit more treble etch and grain than I'm used to, the KSC-50's highs are, again, more respectable than anything I've heard under $50.

The reason I bought the KSC-50's is because I need some headphones I don't feel too bad sweating in during more active use. I also wanted some dedicated gaming headphones. The 50's will serve both purposes well, I'm quite sure.

The KSC-50's would be a sure bargain at $40 to $50, in my opinion. At $15 they're a steal-and-a-half. Everyone who has heard both the KSC-50's and the KSC-35's seems to prefer the KSC-35's. I've not heard the 35's, but I still want to get a pair because of all the positive opinions of them. Does HeadRoom still stock the 35's? If so, I'm ordering a set.
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You took your wife with you, or rather your wife came with you, on a hunt for $15 headphones.....
she's a saint!
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Hehe, I think this was probably the first time someone used a Headroom Max (new version) to drive the Koss cheopos
I'm eagerly awaiting a full featured review...

I was looking around for a pair of 35's myself, but they aren't easy to get here in Canada (or I'm too dumb to find them).
Is there a ratshack 'optimus' version of these phones?


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I got a pair of 35's last week from Amazon.com, $30 total after I used a coupon. I heard they are being discontinued so you better get them while you can.
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Yeah, I'm actually pretty stunned by their performance/price.

Amazon has the 35's, eh? I'll call HeadRoom tomorrow to see if they still have any. If not, I may get them from Amazon.com.

I find the 50's (remember, I haven't heard the 35's yet) a very cool thing, because now I can suggest a $15 pair of phones for people to start the hobby with if they're really hesitant to spend much more than that for starters.

And, yes, it is sort of funny to push these inexpensive headphones with the Max (it's tantamount to powering $200 bookshelf speakers with a pair of Linn Klimax 500 Solo amps), but the KSC-50's sure sound a heck of a lot better out of my main headphone rig than out of my portable CD player's built-in headphone output -- which goes to show you that any headphone can benefit significantly from a solid source component and a phenomenal amp. Don't get me wrong, the portable CD player powers them fine, but my main rig really wrings everything out of the KSC-50's that they can possibly serve up.
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so can i sign up up for team koss?
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I've only seen Koss Sportapros in Canadian Ratshacks.
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Well, they say SportaPro on their web site, but the picture is a PortaPro - and the price of 70$CAN (45$ US) would be extremely expensive for SportaPros...

They also carry Koss The Pos.

But no ksc-35/50


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Hehe, I think this was probably the first time someone used a Headroom Max (new version) to drive the Koss cheopos
Nope -- see this thread:


I have to concur with Jude -- while these things sound great out of a portable (the 35s even better), it's actually incredible how good they sound out of a Max. LOL, of course it's the most ridiculous pairing...
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Well, that pairing is pretty ridiculous based on price difference. But I never fail to be amused whenever I plug my Etys into my Max, just from sheer size difference!
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Redwood, I haven't seen Portapros around in a while and yes the Sportapros are $69.99 here in Canada. Or $59.99 I'm not sure. The Grado SR60's are about $129.99 and SR80's are $149.99. Were basically just getting ripped off on everything over here.
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Yeah, I know.

Fortunately, the price differences get smaller the higher you go in the Grado line.

I really have to go downtown and talk to the guys from divertech about a special 'pick-up' price for the MG Head.
That would probably be the only item that's cheaper here than in the States...


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join the party, jude...

It's great to hear you can join Team Cheapie-Kosses-Rock! Team Koss (full) is currently an amazingly vocal bunch, with their ONE member, thomas

Team-Cheapie-Koss-Rock! on the other hand are inhabited by a LOT of people. The most important of whom, is...me. Glad you could become a teammate
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Are KSC-50's any better than Sportapros? I just saw them for something like $24.99 I think at Canadian Tire.
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Good god, that's a real bargain.

they use the same drivers as 35, porta, Sportas....
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