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Cat Power - The Greatest

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Anybody else digging this CD? Her voice is amazing, reminds me of a raspy Sinead O'Connor, and I think Sinead is one of the best female vocalists out there. I also like how Cat P's music jumps all over the place - jazz crooning, C&W, Dylan-esque ballads, alt rock - all add up to a moody & pensive, surprising listen. The sound quality is not impressive, but it's got to be purposely recorded that way, and mostly helps reinforce the indie nature of the disc. Same quality of the Regina Spektor CD I bought last week. Oh well, they can't all sound great!
Waitaminute...yeah, they could.
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The album has become a favorite. I was so sad when she cancelled her tour. Now I eagerly await new dates.

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Originally Posted by nydiana
The album has become a favorite. I was so sad when she cancelled her tour. Now I eagerly await new dates.

consider yourself lucky. Not the greatest live performance. If someone is not comfortable onstage, just don't go on stage. Why ask people waste their time and money?
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I like that one song of hers, "Free." nice and sparse. Reminded me of early Suzanne Vega.
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It is definitely a great album, but I still think her crowning achievement was Moon Pix. Moon Pix probably still ranks as one of my favorite all time records (might not be in the top 10, but still a fave). I would highly recommend it if you are digging The Greatest.

Also, definitely watch out if you see her live. I think she played 2 complete songs over the course of 90 minutes. It was painful to watch...
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'What Would The Community Think' is my favorite, followed by 'You Are Free'.
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She was supposed to play at Berklee School of Music last week - my cousin was going - then she cancelled.
I've read about her stage fright - sometimes she performs songs with her back to the audience. I agree with Diana & astaireboy - maybe she shouldn't even bother performing live. Seems like a waste of time for her and a waste of money for her audience. I mean, come on...
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I am not generally into female singers. I have never, for some reason, developed an appreciation of the female singing voice. (...go figure) However, I have liked Cat Power from the first time I heard one of her songs. My favorite disc is definitely "You Are Free." "Shaking Paper" with Dave Grohl's drumming is a powerful song. I also love "Color And The Kids" from the "Moon Pix" album, as well as, "Satisfaction" from "The Covers Record." On "The Greatest" I absolutely can't stop listening to "Hate." Chan Marshall has a great voice and the talent to choose the music and musicians that compliment her sound.
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I want one night with Chan. Name your price. We'll drink and smoke and play. The next morning, when I wake, she puts her lips to my ear and uses that breathy voice to sing my hangover away. She starts with the bonus track from The Greatest and works her way backward through Moon Pix. Her voice is extra raspy from the vices of the night before. She's so close I can here the sound of her lips pull apart before her voice reaches them. I can dream, right?
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Dream on, Sam! As a matter of fact, I think I'll use your nicely painted description of a night with Chan and have that dream tonight, myself . . . with me - not you - being serenaded, of course . . .
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