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Need help for new headphones

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Last year I got a Sony DEJ611 CD Walkman as a gift and I've finally decided that I'm going to replace the crappy headphones that came with it.
I'm looking for some realtively cheap (up to $40) headphones that I would basically only use with this CD player and my portable tape player and that would last me a while. I listen to almost all types of music from rock to rap to techno/electronica, so I need something that can accomodate all those types of music. I'll be listening to them mostly in the car or bus so I need something portable.

Any help would be very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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Welcome to Head-Fi, zycer. For under $40, and for portable use, I would recommend either the Koss KSC-35 if you can still find them. They are very well balanced and smooth. They are ear-hanging 'phones. I believe the KSC-50 uses the same drivers but is a bit heavier and differently styled. Also, the Koss Sporta pro is in your price range. This has a bit more bass than the others. For $50, you could get the Porta Pros as well.
Hope this helps.
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zycer, welcome to Head-Fi!

First, I would search the forums - but just in case you don't want to, I can recommend a few models for under $40 in the U.S.:

Koss Porta Pro/Sporta Pro/KSC-35/KSC-50/KSC-55 (KSC-35 is the best of this bunch), price range $20~$40 (joelongwood, you beat me to it on this recommendation!)

If you prefer earbuds, I can recommend the Sennheiser MX-### series (but NOT the crappy older MX-# series), price range $7~$20.

The Sony MDR-EX70LP is another frequently recommended earphone - but although a few places sell them for less than $40, most places charge more than $40 USD for them.
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EDIT: joelongwood/eagle_driver said it already....if you do get the KSC-35s, order them from HeadRoom......
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"me, too"

The KSC-35 are my favorite headphone under $50 by a long shot. I don't think anything can compare until you get up to the Grado SR-60 range ($70)

If you really want earbuds, the Senn MX-500 are quite good.
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