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shafu bought my beloved Snoopy JMT CHA47. Friendly, courteous, and great to deal with. Take care of Snoopy, shafu! *sniff*
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Bought a TAH from him, quick and easy, no complaints here! Didn't even mind that I took my time sending out the money
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Shafu bought my HD 580s, Outlaw ICs, CAl DX-1 and Sonic Adventure Reality amp. Very fast payment and a nice fella to boot!!!
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Sucessful trade

I traded shafu for a pair of Grados.. I recieved them 2 days after trade, very fast trader and a nice guy too.
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He bought my Clou Blues. Smooth, problem-free transaction. Recommended!
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He bought my AKG K501. A perfect exemple of quick and smooth transaction.

Recommended of course
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shafu bought my A1000. Everything went smoothly and happened promptly, which I imagine took some effort on his part because of how busy he is. I can definitely recommend him as a purchaser.
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Bought AKG K501 from shafu.
Good condition, would be happy to deal with him again.
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Purchased a Sonic Adventure amp from Sun. Excellent communication, item arrived as promised. A pleasure to deal with.
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Bought my E888LP. Real fast at payment and quick communication. Transaction went through smoothly. Will be more than happy to deal with him again. Highly recommended!!!!

Thanks again Sun
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I did a trade+cash with Shafu...everything went smoothly. The A1000 arrived in great shape. Highly recommend.

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I traded shafu for a pair of Senn HD 580s via USPS. They arrived in good condition; good communications and shipping, recommended to all.
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Shabu for Clou blue!

Bought the Clou blue, b/c I miss my Cardas. Love the Clou....thanks for a remarkable transaction. Will do business with him anytime.

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Shafu now has an amp from me anda CAl via Sonichwebhog. Great person tro deal with.
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