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I don't think that sounds like depression at all. It sounds like stress.

(What Aaroncort explains is perfect for someone suffering from depression, but I don't think this is the case here.)

You need a vacation. After those exams are over, don't touch a book for a week. Do something else and let your mind rest for a while.

It's essential to have a little break once in a while. Take your thoughts off of your studies every now and then, to let your brain assimilate the new information and adapt to the new situations.
Movies, books, music, friends... All of those are perfect to alleviate the stress. It would also be great if you could talk about this stuff with someone in your exact same position, like a classmate.
Turning to a headphone forum for advice is not a bad option either, as there are many people here who have been in a similar situation.

Learning how to deal with stress is not simple. Picture yourself being a car, for example. If you go top speed all the time and never stop to let the engine cool down, It'll break down quite quickly. You have to learn how to operate this car for maximum efficiency without shortening it's life-span. So letting the engine cool down once in a while is essential. As is taking care of it's other needs.
Some people schedule their activities, and it seems to work. I.e. from 16.00 to 20:00, studying. From 20.00 to 22:00, leisure activities. Weekends should be for rest.

You are not a machine, none of us is.
Keep that in mind and you'll be ok.

Oh, and life is not a rehearsal, so you might want to try to enjoy it while you can.

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Have to agree with the rest of the posters in this thread. I think you need to take some time to step back and relax. I finished all my pre-med science courses and whatnot in my first two years of college and got my MCAT's out of the way too. I honestly had a horrible time in college, and going to one that's infamous for professors who quota grades in classes and make tests that cover material not covered in class to screw students over, I thought that my head was going to blow up.

Now more than half-way through my junior year, I'm loving college a lot. I've got time to enjoy myself, hang out with my friends, spend some time with my girlfriend, and enjoy the sites. I'd take a step back and just look at the bigger picture. There's more to life and success than grades and test scores. College really is the best time of your life, and try to enjoy it as much as you can, cause it really, really, really, really goes by fast.
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Well... I was going to say, go out and get drunk with your buddies, thats what got me through college. BUT in your case it sounds like you might have a hint of depression, so that's probably not a good idea.

Stick with it, it does get better. soph - junior years are the toughest. Your classes have weeded out all the bottom-feeders, and youre getting into the higher math and sciences. All I can say is stick to it. IMHO that more than anything else is what college is all about.... resilliance and determination.

Senior year does get better, and even easier in some ways, as you are more involvend with specialized upper division coursework, and project-based courses.

I played club sports... tennis and volleyball it was a great stress reliever... and a GREAT way to meet HOT girls.


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Originally Posted by MuZI
I don't wonder "Why me...". If not me, then who else? or "What is the meaning of life?, why are we here?, and "What is the overall purpose if we just die?"

I've already answered those questions for myself.
So, what were your answers?

Originally Posted by MuZI
Ever feel like you have everything in the world you could ever want, yet, you have nothing at all?
This is the only part of your post that could be indicative of depression, IMO. But still, I feel like it's more a consequence of your heavy weight ambition, more than actual depression.
The funny part is that we ARE living in a world of ideas. We do pursue dreams that often leave us disappointed when fulfilled. As with headphones, life is mostly about enjoying the ride, not about reaching a destination.
This is why one should always find some time to make life worth living, while pursuing higher goals.
Life is not about things, or diplomas or cars or headphones. It's about seeing and touching and feeling and hearing and enjoying the damn ride.

I'm going into specifics here, 'cos I need to remind these things to myself too...

Just remember that anything can happen, and that the rigid system of values by which you analyze life at this moment, could shatter at any time.

Focus on living the life, find some new friends, found a wine cellar, get into cuban cigars, order a new pair of Grados, get drunk, read a book, watch a movie, fall in love, go to a concert, take a walk in the park, feed the pidgeons... Lots of things to get you in a better mood once you take a little time to do those things.

The most important lesson was posted earlier on. They will only check your academic merits in your FIRST job interview. And that's it.
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You need to schedule in some time to have fun. Don't think of it as a waste of time, think of it as a way to make the time that you're actually working more productive. If you're in better spirits, you'll find yourself learning faster and finishing your assignments more quickly.

If that doesn't pull you out and the grades aren't good, you might want to rethink your career choice. It may sound trite, but you really do need to think about how to make a career out of what you're naturally good at and enjoy doing.
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time management is important.
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Originally Posted by Thaddy
Most schools try to weed out the weak, so it's not uncommon to have a fairly rigorous courseload early in school.
Very true...why do you think half of the people who start in first year don't go onto second year. I'm sure you'll be fine, I had the same thoughts when I was in university. You'll look back on it once you graduate and wonder what all the fuss was about I'm sure...good luck...


Update: ~8 years later


I think I originally made this thread because I did horrible on a Chemistry final or something. I don't even remember what exactly happened.


Summary: I never forgot about this thread I made. After my freshman year I buckled down and got mostly As and very few Bs here and there. Graduated with a good GPA and honors on my diploma. Took the MCAT and got a score I'm proud of. Took a few years off to volunteer, work, gain a bunch of experience in the healthcare field. Quite a few schools mentioned how committed I had stayed the past few years.


Applied to 15 schools and I had about 7 interviews before I decided to stop interviewing. Got to travel a bunch and meet some amazing people. I ended up getting into medical school!


Follow what you want in life and don't ever stop.

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Just saw this thread and i had learn a great lesson of never give up. Currently on first year on universities.
Thank you for sharing this great story and congrats for making it through.
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