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I have done a small modification for my beloved hd25. This mod helps to bring more micro details but also sibilance. I have to use copper cable and the original foam to soften the sound. The main aim of this mod is to reduce layers of filter between the driver and my ear. I am feeling much happy now smily_headphones1.gif.

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Here's a video of world-renowned French DJ, Martin Solveig sharing his favorite headphones with the world:



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I just got used old HD25 which were still made in Germany.

I am sure it was already discussed here, I also searched for it already but couldn't find anything.

What are the major differences between the old model to the "made in Ireland" one?


Very first impression?

Sounds quite bright on an unused way to me.

Bass and lower mids are quite goog though!

I am used to open headphones mostly.

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Rosmadi, is HD25 basically a closed-back, 70-ohm HD410SL?




HD25 still sounds great without its closed cups.

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Interesting comparison but IMO, they don't look too similar. 

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I think the driver housing really looks similar.
But I don't think that they use the same.
Has someone tried the sound as open back?
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