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Just did the uber mod on my cans and have to say the improvements are remarkable and would encourage others to give it a shot as long as you got a steady hand.  I also did encounter the same issue as Jacob but managed to get a pretty solid fit anyways.  I would also suggest that people try the pads that the HD-25 aluminum edition uses and put them on the regular HD-25.


They are more comfortable than either of the stock pads and have a wonderfully balanced sound to them.  I also tried using a pair of red Yaxi pads because I also am running a red Oyaide HPC-25HD cable, but I found that they bloated the bass a bit too much and narrowed the sound stage.  Its a shame because they look really cool and are very comfortable.



One qualm I have with the Oyaide cable is that the right angle jack doesn't have threads for a screw on 1/4" adapter which befuddles me since the regular steel cable has one.  I'm planning on either attaching a new right angle jack that has one or maybe trying one of these chinese cables from fleabay.

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