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MS-1 or SR-125 ?

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Hi everybody (especially Team Grado)!

I'm in the market for a pair of Grados. As a result of long audition sessions, I could narrow it down to the 125's. I think they deliver the best sound for the price (and unlike other people I think they are worth every penny they cost more than the 80s)

So, I'm almost ready to get my CC and order them... then I start wondering: hey, what about the Alessandro Music Series One ?
This baby is less expensive than the 125 but people say it sounds exactly like one.
Other say it sounds like the 80's. And again others say it doesn't matter since the 80's and 125's sound very similar.

So what am I supposed to do now? If I can get the 125 sound for the MS1 price, that would be a sweet deal, but if they in fact sound different...

Ok guys, you gotta help me here. Any advice is greatly appreciated


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C'mon guys.

Otherwise you're forcing me to cross-post...
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I auditioned both the SR-80s and SR-125s for a few hours. I, personally, did not feel there was $50 price difference in sound quality. I actually preferred the SR-80s. That said, I would go with the MS-1s. Why? Because if they sound like either the 80s or 125s, they'll sound great......and they don't have that damned button so they look better IMHO.
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...and there's my problem, you see.

I don't like the 80s.
I think their bass is 'dirty' and their treble is not as clean and smooth as that of the 125s.
I especially dislike them with classical music - which is what I listen to mostly.

Of course, the pair of SR-80s I was auditioning could be defective, but what I hear is what I hear, and should I get the MS1s and they sound like 80s, I'd be very disappointed.


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i also liked the 125 much more than the 80's.

Someone was commenting that that allesandro wasn't answering their e-mails, so i'm wondering if you can still get the MS-1's. BTW, haven't checked their site in a loooooooong time, but aren't the MS-1s actually cheaper than the SR-80s? I'd think that it would be hard to get 125's for less than the cost of SR-80s...
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MS1s are 99$, which is slightly more than the 80s

And yes, they don't answer emails - they don't even get them:
mailbox full!

I'll try to give them a call tomorrow.

BTW: Where did you audition the Grados?


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I am almost positive the 125 and MS-1 are the same or VERY similar. In almost every instance on headfize, u'll notice people coming to that conclusion. However, if you're REALLY worried, it would probably be smarter to just splurge and get the 125s, if just for peace of mind....

Thomas: I think the pricing is (in ascending order): SR-80, MS-1, SR-125. Since most think the SR-125 and MS-1 are the same, the MS-1 is quite a deal....
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redwood- bay bloor radio (downtown toronto, corner of bay and bloor) has a LOT of headphones on display, including all the cheep grados (though their 60's and 80's are occasionally missing, which I atribute to grattle ) and sometimes the RS-1 or RS-2. They also have sennheiser HD-600, a few Sony's, AKG, and Denon.

When the MS-1's were first introduced, i'm sure they were actually cheaper than the SR-80's, and had free shipping($75 total?) . I almost got a pair, but didn't have the money. It seems that they've raised the price now...
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Bay Bloor Radio - that's exactly where I auditioned 'my' Grados.

Now, isn't it strange that the two people that like the 125's much better than the 80's actually listened to the same cans??!

Is there anybody out there that thinks the 80's stink compared to the 125's and doesn't happen to be from Toronto or around that area?

EDIT: Wasn't the 75$ price after the online-ordering discount, which doesn't work with headphones any more?


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yep... the offer's not around anymore...
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At 75$ I wouldn't even have to think...

But 99$ is the price, and I still don't know whether I'd get Sr-80s or Sr-125s
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where does one get the Alessandro series? Could someone post a link?
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Ok, bumping this up for the last time since I'm gonna order tomorrow.

Any input is still appreciated
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I have the MS-1 and was one of the lucky enough to get them for $75+free shipping

I have compared them to the SR-80and SR-125 and am very happy with my decision to purchase them , plus they look better without the button.If you look at the specs of all three cans you will see the MS-1 combines feartures of both the other two , and it seems they are "voiced" to be less euphonic and more accurate for pro use

I would buy these babies again even at $99

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