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Power conditioning, very confusing

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I'm having a problem with tube equipment. Most circuits and transformers I encounter are designed for 117V or so. The power in my apartment is 127V. This means I'm getting too much power, and things that should be in spec are not working right - for example, a choke rated for 400V is getting considerably more, and it's getting way too hot. B+ voltage is about 50 volts over where it should be. Filament voltages are too high, potantially shortening tube life.

Here's what I think I have worked out:

An autoformer will bring the power down to where it should be.
A UPS will clean up spikes but will not reduce power to 120V.
An Equi=Tech balanced power system will do all of the above but for big $$$?

So adding an autoformer to my UPS will give the desired result, as long as the capacity of the autoformer exceeds that of the UPS. The autoformer would plug into the wall and the UPS to the autoformer. Comments?

I'm trying to do this as cheaply as possible. I may be back in Australia within a year and then this stuff would be sold cheap and I'd have to start again with 240V systems. Luckily my tube transformer primaries can be wired for 240V.
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Check out the PS Audio website at and/or send an e-mail to their owner; Paul, who is really great at answering Power Quality problems and solutions.

I bought one of PS Audio's Ultimate Outlet 3 months ago and it's an excellent product.

You may want to check out their "Power Plants" which are designed to regulate AC Voltage.
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This appears to be exactly what I am looking for - thanks! I didn't know such a device existed. It's not cheap but it will work on 220V power also so I can keep it when I move.
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