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Ken is GREAT to deal with AAAA+++ Thumbs up!

I bought a gently usedd Portaphile amp from Ken,at a fair price as described rapid fast shipment a man of his word I slaute Ken. A true assett to this forum and the hobby.
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Dared MP-5

I bought a Dared MP5 from Ken and received the amp in 2 days. Thank you for such fast shipping and the amp was very well packed.

The Dared MP5 arrived in great condition and it looks almost brand new.

I will definitely buy from Ken again in the future. Thanks again.
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Ordered a bling bling dock on Friday, got it Tuesday. Great product!!! Highly recommended!!!
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Bought a cotton audio line out rca cable from Ken and it arrived in only 3 days! He really went out of his way to explain a whole bunch of stuff about cabling. His communication with me throughout the entire process was beyond what other sellers are willing to do and he made sure that I was able to have the cord I wanted. He even upgraded my cord to a longer length for no additional cost! I'd gladly do business with him again for any of my audio needs.
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Recieved my Lineoutdock today. Excellent communication, and quick shipping to Canada!

Thanks a lot Ken!
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Got a beautiful Silk LineOutdock from ken today. Great workmanship, quick shipping, and sounds terrific. i am pleased as punch.

Thanks, Ken.
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Received Cotton Mini

Received and tested my cotton mini-mini today. I ordered it last Thursday. Efficient transacttion all around!

First listen shows a BIG, tangible improvement. The burn in should be fun!

Highly recommended merchant and product.

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I liked my previous two AudioLineOut docks, so I bought a Silk Dock.

Yes, it is expensive, but it sounds better than the other dock/cable combinations I've tried.
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Purchased Bling Bling Dock, great communication, fast shipping, awesome product, definitely recommend.
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I bought a Cotton Dock from Ken and he went out of his way to make sure the fit was right and everything worked perfectly. Very fast cross country shipping and the sound is so much better than I thought would be possible with a short cable.


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got the bling bling dock in 4 working days to hong kong, it's great
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Nothing much to add here that y'all don't know about Ken - he's a great guy who sells a great product!

I've purchased 2 items from him:

1) ipod to mini silk dock
2) ipod to stereo RCA cotton dock

Both products are stellar - build quality is fantastic and they sound great.

Ken's da man!
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Happy cryo dock owner right here. I believe the shipping was like 3 days to Helsinki. Ken doesn't control the post office, and it was just global priority, but you get the idea. Fast. But fast isn't what I'm worried about so much as quality, and he delivers. Super-fast communication and wonderful build and sound quality. His cables won't disapoint.

Deal w/ lots of confidence.
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I purchased a cotton cable from Ken- communication and shipping were top notch. I got the package and found out the wrong cable was sent. A little investigating uncovered that it was MY FAULT. I notified Ken and within minutes HE APOLOGIZED for MY MISTAKE and offered to immediately ship me the cable I wanted. Ken was fully ready to advance RMA me the new cable- find me anyone else who will do that without holding funds on your credit card- wow unbelievable and way beyond expectation. Don't hesitate to do business with this guy- he is stand up all the way.

I cannot attest to the cable quality (nor am I really qualified to) as I dont have it yet, but a novice can tell Ken knows what he is doing.

Couldn't be happier.

Edit- just got the new cable- 5 minutes time- definite sound improvement.

Thanks Ken
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Just received the Bling Bling Dock yesterday morning. Extremely fast response time and shipment. Very easy and enjoyable buying experience.

As for the product, it sounds great! I must admit that I am new to the world of higher quality headphones and related audio products. However, I can say that I immediately noticed an improvement connecting my 5G IPOD to my amp using the bling bling dock as opposed to the headphone out. Great addition to my recently purchased SR80/Total Airhead set up.

I am 100% sure that I would purchase from Ken again and 99.99% sure that I will be upgrading to one of audiolineout's other product offerings at some point.
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