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Long overdue feedback

I believe I was one of Ken's first customers. He crafted a custom Cardas wire LOD for me. Sounds superb. I was so happy with the build-quality and SQ that I bought his solid silver LOD in white. Very, very pleased with this as well. Seems like he is constantly looking for ways to improve his product. Thanks Ken, for meeting a need by us all. Good luck to you.
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Late Feedback!

Ken made me some great custom interconnects, just the way I asked him, they sound great and they look sweet too! I also got a great iPod dock to mini IC from him, works great! Thanks man, you rule!
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Ken and I did a cross-trade. My Grado SR-80s for some cash and a Cardas Line-out Dock. Ken kept up quick and courteous communication throughout the deal and shipped the item when promised. I would definitely do business with Ken again.
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Great Service!

The only thing faster than his shipping was his communication.

Fantastic service!
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Just recieved my "99.99% Silver Wire iPod Dock" from Ken at "Line out 4 iPods".
Delivery was real quick, only a few days to Australia.

My iPod has never sounded so good, the sound is very clean, transparent and refined.

I'm using Etymotic 4p with the 4s converter cable, iPod mini and an older Total Airhead Amp.

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I purchased the silver LOD from Ken. When my LOD went missing from the mail, Ken graciously offered to replace it at his own expense though it was not his fault. I purchased another LOD and promptly received it in a few days. What a difference it's made to my iPod setup!

Great product, excellent service, undeniable integrity: that's Ken.

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Got the connector. WOW! what a difference. Service out the wazoo as well. Great product. Many thanks.

Now I'll have to start saving for either the Cardas or the Exotic model. You've spoiled me.

John Crossett
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Just got my custom iPod line out from this fine fellow.

A total gem to deal with, gave me a seemingly infinite number of choices to pick from... then managed to get the thing in the mail to me a day later. Fast shipping!

The unit is well built and sounds great. Exactly what I was looking for.
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Cletus Bocephust: Ken Ball Monkeywire Extraordinaire

Boosting my portable audio experience several degrees, I got inspired to email Ken after near zero-time shipping and response:

"Hello Larry,

Got the bling and hooked up. I didn't expect to discover that you also installed a miniature battery and Class A amplifier with the connect, thanks. I had to turn down my Hornet to nearly zero, and my UE-10PRO's were still quasi-too loud. So, for $49, you also saved me many batteries and charges for both the Ipod and the Hornet, besides the promised and delivered audiophile excellence out of that one-time-but-no-longer seemingly portable toy. This is the elusive Isle of Porta-Ports O'Nirvana where ear fatigue and stress related to more awkward setups (and I have tried a few, ha) take a backseat to the cool breeze of pleasant sonic enjoyment that won't be taken away by bad design and build quality. I am trying to think of a more useful and satisfying product that I could drop fifty bucks on that would deliver as much personal portable sonic satisfaction and ease as this little major upgrade, and I find that I could honestly use some help with that one. Any takers?

Best regards,


I also requested a special order product, not yet invented, of which Ken, undaunted, immediately set out the plans for... At these prices and quality components, better he invent the wheel than my blundering trials and errors.

Thanks Ken, you are a gem--pendles
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custom cable from Ken

...ordered myself another cable from Ken. This time a custom-made Lineoutdock ---> RCAs, the new blinky silver one. Sounds great, brings out all the details. Ken was as helpful as always, he built it according to my wishes on the next day and shipped it... Awesome! Both thumbs up for Ken!

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Received a cardas dock from Ken and what an improvement! I'm hearing detail I never got using the headphone out on my ipod photo. Anyone still using the headphone jack need to get an ALO dock.
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Highly recommended

I bought a "cotton" line out dock for my 5g Ipod. I don't like Paypal and don't have an account, but don't mind using Paypal when I can enter my credit card information for a 1 time buy. Ken's website ( provides the latter option. That's a big plus for me.

I ordered on a Sunday night and the lod arrived on Wednesday. In the meantime, Ken sent me several emails both thanking me and answering some questions. The lod is extremely well built and, while I can not make a comparison, sounds great to me.

I am very satisfied with both my buying experience and the product. I'd happily do business with Ken again.
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I bought silver mini-to-minis from Ken. The cable is built very well and looks very cool. Communication was great and he did not mind me using money order as a method of payment. Great product and seller! Thanks Ken.
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Got the silk mini to mini. To be honest, I was skeptical till I hooked it to my rig ( H 140 Rockbox-ed and RSA Hornet). WOW!

Ken is a great head-fier and a very nice person to know. He answered all my questions and provided very good suggestion to choose the right interconnect before placing the order. Shipping was prompt and fast. It is a pleasure doing business with him and I wholeheartedly recommend him to fellow headfi-ers.
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Purchased a Bling Bling dock from Ken. He was great at answering questions. He shipped me 2 seperate lengths of cable to try in my portable and just return the unwanted one. Great guy. Pleasure to deal with. Will be hitting him up for some interconnects down the road ( wink wink).
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