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On "Portable Rigs"...

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So, is there some sort of ridiculously insane performance increase when using headphone amps? Honestly, why are you people hauling around all of that stuff?

Take me to school.
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My boostaroo is great. Why are you baggin on my boostaroo? they bring out the top end and bass response of my triports.
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Oh the portable ones aren't even that heavy. 7 oz.? Does this hurt one's back? We've got enough crap we're carrying around as is, a small 7 oz. box doesn't really affect the weight much.

And if you are happy sans portable amp, no need to spend more money to change it (though I think that my headphones sound better with even a cheap amp like the PA2V2).
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I did it for a time . . guess it made me feel good for some reason, but I stopped when I was old enough to steal liquor.

I can understand people why people with IEMs or those who have open phones and use em at their workplace or the like. But seeing some of those rigs with a powerful amp and some kscs/px100s, often being used in a loud enviroment, I just don't know. I really think some people are hitting overkill, with minimal/moderate improvement that they can't really enjoy due to obvious factors. I guess it's a nerd thing.
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A headphone amplifier is needed to achieve a better sound with the high-end full sized cans. I have the UE-10 Pros and they don't satisfy me. I need better sound when it comes to portable.

This let me to use my K1000s portably. I have found the lack of low bass on the K1000 to be... unsatisfying. Upgraditis has hit me...

I am now starting the K1000+Sub project.

I will not only have an amplifier, I will also have a subwoofer as well as enough power to handle Amp+Sub(car battery anyone?)
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I don't need it but its nice. I go on walks to work almost every morning that take about 35 minutes. When I bring my hd-650's I walk the quiet sidestreets and an amp is a must.

Even with IEMs, although they're sensitive some of them are high impeedence and benifit from an amp with a buffered gain. Ety's and the shure e5 come to mind. I'm even open to the idea that it is the placebo effect but regardless I hear a difference with an amp and find joy in that difference resolved.
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If it's subway or bus listening where it's pretty darn loud, I don't think amps are worth the improvement even with IEMs. Or maybe I'm just too casual of a listener.
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I chose #2....I'm sure amps are nice and all...but I can't be done with the excess baggage
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Its a tough one...

I've voted for not needing one - even though when I was borrowing a supermini it DID make the ER6i so much more palatable, I'd rather spend more money on the 'phones (hence me getting both the E4C and E5C) than I would on having cheaper 'phones and an amp to bring them in to line.

I'm pretty sure that the Shures will sound better with an amp, but - its just not for me
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It depends....

For the college type like me I find it inconvenient to walk around campus all day with an amp in my pocket. For people who travel alot, though, it's reasonable to carry around a portable amp for use on a plane, in the car, in the hotel, etc.
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Bit of a waste of time/effort/money overall. Xin Supermini just died and I've no plans to replace it. Was only used it about 10 times in 2 years with NH900. Latter works fine with Grados and other headphones, so no need to bother with the hassle any more.
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A simpe portable amp is good also for just boosting the volume of a portable source into motorcycle helmet speakers (the speakers sit further away from the ear than headphones and therfor need to be a bit louder to achive the same volume levels to the listener, in addition many motorcyclists will be wearing earplugs to remove the road roar/wind noise that can damage hearing in the long term), the increase in quality over a more simple volume booster, such as the Boosteroo, is dramatic and on the bike the Headphone amp is an "essential" for those who like to listen on the move.

Off the bike and they don't make so much sense but its a gadget and with other factors, such as using a line-out from the iPod, do make a bit of a difference. Walking the dog and its the iPod and IEM headphones together but if sitting down for a bit of a listen then the turbo dock and amp into a better headphone does make the difference worthwhile.

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I voted "not worth the baggage." For true portable use, I prefer going unamped... the background noise levels negate most gains, unless one is into IEM's (which I'm not). Transportable (around the office, home, etc), definitely give me an amp.
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To me, "not worth the baggage". I want portable, not luggable. I'd rather have the current drive and wattage built in the player (vintage!). It would be nice if the manufacturers make the players a bit larger, more powerful and add another gumstick or use Hi-capacity AA. Not quite as portable but a nice tradeoff between size and sound quality.

Using high sensitivity reproducers gets around the dilemma a bit by offering a louder sound but at the expense of reproducing constant background noise.

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I use my Zen Micro / CMoy combo everywhere I go. It's small, easy to carry, convinient, and a great conversation peice, so why not. Oh yeah, and it impoves sound.
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