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IEM For Sleeping

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I love music, that's why I'm here and spend way to much money on my audio equipment. Since I love it so much I want to be able to fall asleep listening to it.

So, does anyone have any recommendation for a low budget ($60 or lower please) IEM's for sleeping?

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It depends on whether you sleep on your side or back. Some IEM brands (Ultimate Ears and Etymotic come to mind) stick out too much to sleep on your side, but any of them are fine for sleeping on your back.
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You should easily be able to find a pair of used Shure E2c's that will allow you to sleep with them on. Good luck.

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If you want to go down to the inexpensive end of in-ear 'phones, the Sony 51's are affordable, and with the Sony 71's, probably as comfortable as anything you would put in your ear. They're not earbuds, so they shouldn't fall out during your blissful Head-Fi sleep.

Choose the size ear tip -- you get three sizes of soft silicone tips -- that fits best. Very low profile -- you should be able to lie on your side and listen to them (you don't need to drape the right cord behind your neck when listening in this manner). Available online below $40.
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Originally Posted by labrat
Ultimate Ears 10 and Shure E5 both stay flush with your ear when inserted, and I can easily sleep on the side with them in.

you should look into the sony ex71, the only problem with them is build quality. A better alternative are the sharp md33 or creative ep630. Very similar to the ex71 (without the bloated bass) but with better build quality
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Originally Posted by R MaN
i'd recommend those too if they didn't cost more then Skrying listed.
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