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Sony V6 and 7506

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I found this and thought that some of you may want to see it. Don't know if some people have read it already, but you can check it out here...


The reviewer claims, "Before the test I listened to the 7506's long enough to get the impression that they were definitely different than the V6's, most notably the 7506's were much less fatiguing and more balanced."

Thought that this article might cause an uproar with some...
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Naw. we've discussed it.

It's well within the differences from v6 to v6, and 7506 to 7506.

IE, not all v6's are created equal, not all 7506's are created equal, and, therefore, not all 7506's are equal sounding to all v6's.

But the phones are made the same. Sony just matches drivers to each OTHER, not to some standard headphone.
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I even sent him an email a couple months ago to set him straight... never got a reply

Fact is that with mass-market headphones, there are "acceptable variances" in the final product. One could just as easily find two pairs of V6s and claim they weren't the same headphone based on their sound.

Another factor to be considered is that from the review it sounded like one pair had significant playback time while the other was fairly new. That alone could make two *identical* headphones sound different.
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I updated the review.
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