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How fast does the gum heal after a tooth extraction? - Page 3

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Interesting thread. I took out my first wisdom teeth this monday. Amazing what paralyzing methods they have these days. They gave me a needle or something. Didn´t feel dazy or whatsoever. I could hear it creeking in my ear since it was the closest one to it but didn´t feel a thing despite I could see how much he actually pulled and certainly feel the pressure applied to my neck. ! If it wasn´t for all the bleeding it would be like it was nothing :p


I can already eat normally only one day of it being a bit awkward. No need for painkillers. However after some days I started to feel that I got some bone. Maybe they missed part of the root? It protrudes a little bit and it don´t seem to go any further. I don´t know if this is a problem or you can just let it be?

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Haha just came across this thread and I JUST got my 4 wisdom removed literally an hour and a half ago from now. Just waiting for the paralyzing to wear off by listening to some good music. I'm still bleeding and I changed my gauze about 4 times. Little by little I'm getting some feeling back in my mouth. Just took my Anti-biotics and Pain-killers just 30 mins ago. Meh it was okay, but I really have to study for my Mid-term tuesday

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The 2 days after the procedure were the toughest for me. Massive headache and pain.
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I feel your pain I got mine's out yesterday and its hard for me to eat now guess because my sites are tender and it's hard to speak and open my mouth

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there is still a hole in my gums afther my teeth was removerd

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When i got my wisdom teeth removed, it took 2 months for it to heal completely. I had repeated infections happening throughout and it wasn't until i went back to my local dentist instead of the surgeon that he explained that the bone underneath my gums hasn't closed up yet.
some people are luckier, my sister it took about a week and she was fine with no infections post opt.
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I am in the same boat, except I have had my two front lateral incisors removed, plus bad gums, and a two pack a day habit these holes aren't going anywhere for a while.

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But I have found that for quick relief from the pain Orajel is a godsend.

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beerchug.gifI got my teeth extracted exactly like you - long time there so the bone underneath was also deteriorating fast with the poison in there.  atsmile.gifit was painful!

good new is the hole should heal by itself - maybe 3 months my surgeon told me ( I had to see a specialist as the rot was even touching other teeth and nobody would even fix my cavities due to the infection in my sinuses and teeth being so bad they were afraid of the bone even collapsing to my skull - but it didn't thanks to drinking a lot of milk as a child.)


so anyways if it doesn't heal (maybe you have other infections in your other teeth - and therefore the poison in your head from the other ones is stopping the hole from healing...)

but like I said if it doesn't heal, either they have to pull more to get the poison out first, otherwise if they close it the poison can rot the stitches.......

but if not, they will sew the hole closed.

L3000.gif  salt water blessing!  and I'm trying to go to healing services also (Christian) but to no avail yet.  My mother in law is a strong person, she lived through ALL of her teeth rotting and falling out on their own, can you imagine that?!!  She is from the Phillipines!

tongue_smile.gif so stay happy and it will all turn out fine!?!?!?!  !!!!!!!!!!!!o2smile.gif 

... oh, and pray!  to Jesus!

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Hello ive had 3 wisdom teeth pulled and 3 molars,,it takes about 3 to 6 months max for them to heal,,,wisdom teeth heal easier,than upper first molars in my experiance,they are deeply rooted,,,,so just brush teeth everyday,use gauze thats wet with tooth paste to scrub the teeth around the extraction,rinse with warm salt water for 2 weeks after extraction,1teaspoon for every coffe cup of water,rinse thourghly every day,after 2 weeks,start useing regular mouth wash like listerine etc..but if u want it to heal faster drink water for 2 weeks straight makes it heal faster cause it keeps it clean and moist...im the queen of pulled teeth trust me it works,,,and if u smoke after an extraction,make sure you fold the gauze up in your mouth and clinch down on the gauze,drink a little water to wet it,but when u go to take a puff off a ciggerette after a tooth extraction make sure u bite down on the  gauze teeth clinched down and keep them that way before u take a puff off a ciggerette,do this for 3 days after tooth extraction then u will prevent dry socket,same goes for straws,except with straws you must wait to weeks before useing straws after tooth extraction to prevent dry socket,,,i know all about this ive had alot of teeth pulled and im a smoker,,,,,,wanna heal fastest drink nothing but water for a month,,,,good advice try it,,it will work for you love steph  the queen of teeth extractions  :)

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I have to face this situation guys, but i have some doubts. 

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www.animated-teeth.com this site has some really true time information.  I too just had a tooth extracted and found this site helpful.  Good luck!!

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thanks for the info i too just had a tooth pulled!!

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I had impacted wisdom teeth which were removed I hospital. I got over it very quickly too. But I think the reason is the fact that they had to cut the gums, and then they were stitched. So there was not a hole that had to heal itself.


It was not a pleasant experience, I felt as if I had been punched several times when I woke.

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I think it depends on the person. I've only had my wisdom teeth extracted and they had to cut one out of my head so I got stitches. It didn't seem to take look long for them to heal up though. The stitches were taken out a week after the extractions and I don't remember there being a hole or anything.

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