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Beyer DT770 or DT250-250?

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I need a good pair of closed cans for my portable rig for times when I can't use my Etymotic 4S. At times I am interrupted often and need to take them on and off which can be a hassle with the Etys. Also the Etys can be very unforgiving with bad recordings. I figure the Beyers will make some of these recordings listenable.

After checking the archives thoroughly and following many Beyer threads, I have narrowed it down to these two models. Any last thoughts before I take the plunge? Also, does one model offer more isolation than the other?
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To my ears the DT770Pro/250 has a little too much, almost overblown bass and is somewhat lacking in the midrange, whereas the DT250/250 still has the punchy Beyerdynamic bass, but not too much of it - I'd say the DT250/250 is more neutral. And while I haven't noticed a significant difference in isolation, there's a difference in comfort: The DT770Pro/250 has a little too much clamping force for me, whereas the DT250/250 seems just right and fairly cosy. But that will vary with the individual head, so you'd best check that for yourself, if possible...

Greetings from San Jose (which I'll leave tomorrow)!

Manfred / lini
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While I haven't heard the 250-250, the 250-80 and the 770pro are fairly different headphones.
The 770pro tends to have more detail in the upper range than the 250-80, more bass but less midrange.

Both the 770pros and 250-80s are forgiving headphones

In terms of comfort - the 770pros headband is made out of springsteel so you can actually flex it fairly easily to tone the clamping force down a little, once this is done I find them to be more comfortable than the 250s because of the extra earcup space.
I find the 770pros offer more isolation than the 250s as well.

I realise I'm comparing a slightly different models and while I have't had hands on (or ears-on) experience with the 250-250, it shouldn't sound dramatically different - then again, I could be wrong
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Snufkin: As far as I remeber, you have the DT531, too - don't you? To me the DT250/250 sounds very similar - I'd call it the closed equivalent to the DT531.

Some more last greetings from San Jose!

Manfred / lini
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Personally, I'd choose the DT 770 Pro for its somewhat larger earcup design.

Apparently, a very few people have found the DT 250 to be just a bit too small. OTOH, for portable use, this may not be such a big issue.

Beyerdynamic DT 250:

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro - 250 Ohm:

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro - 600 Ohm

I lied. Actually, the real reason I'd choose the DT 770 Pro is its reputation for bass reproduction. I can't tell a lie, I love bass. ;-)

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lini: indeed I do have the DT531

What I've noticed however is that the DT531 lacks bass a little without amplification, but with an amp the bass is extremely nice.
On the other hand the DT250-80 has plenty of bass unamped, which doesn't really change with amplification.

If the 250-250 does indeed sound similar to the DT531 it'd be a very nice headphone
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Snufkin: Well, the closedness of the DT250/250 (compared to the at least semi-open DT531) should help to resolve the possible slight bass issue with the not so powerful amplification of Timoteus' pcdp, I'd assume. And, btw, if you ever feel the urge to get another headphone, I'd really recommend to try the AKG K240S (not only for the lini-lookalike-photo on the box, which was additional fun for me to spot)...

Once again some more last greetings from San Jose! And I really have to go to bed, now - because some fellow journalists from Germany and I want to have a nice day in San Francisco, tomorrow, before we head back home. I hope I can take them to Pauline's Pizza, because that's by far the best pizza place I've ever had the chance to try, yet - and I've tried quite a few, even in Italy...

Manfred / lini
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Those are some very helpful responses so far.

The product sheets say that the 250-250 provides 16 dB of isolation and the 770 18 dB. I also didn't realize the 770 came in two different versions, 250 Ohm and 600 Ohm. I was just going by Meier Audio where they carry just the 250 Ohm version.

So far I'm leaning to the 250-250 because lini and Snufkin say it's better in the midrange. Well, not better midrange but more midrange. The all-important midrange. My head is big but not my ears so I think the smaller earcups of the 250-250 should work out OK. I don't think the comfort thing is much of an issue. I can always tweak them to fit. I haven't ever had a problem with uncomfortable cans. I would imagine a hat made of sandpaper would even be comfortable if it was cold enough outside.

Does anyone know how long the cords are on either of these two models?
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Both models come with a 3m coiled cable (that's 3m uncoiled) but you can replace the cable on the 250 with a straight one.
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Originally posted by TravelLite
I lied. Actually, the real reason I'd choose the DT 770 Pro is its reputation for bass reproduction. I can't tell a lie, I love bass. ;-)
You and me both.
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how easy is it to replace the coiled cable.. ( i dont like coiled cable since i usually put the cable over my shoulder and dwon my back, dont want to lie on a coiled cable)
so how easy is it ro replace the cable and got a link for it?
p.s. how long is the straignt one and what kinda of design (i mean same styles as the coiled, just un coiled, or the cheap-o )
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You unplug the coiled cable and plug in the uncoiled cable

Looks something like this
But I don't think that's the exact part number there, and the one I ordered came with a jack on the end rather than bare wires.
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hmm.. yeah that might take some researching time.. finding that kind of able i mean..
did u get it from a local site or did you order from abroad?
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I got it from my local Beyer dealer

I'll have to find my original invoice information to check the exact part number, but I think it's either K100.07 or K190.40

It's a Beyer part, so anyone that sells Beyer should be able to get it for you.
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cool. than
Now does anyone know a beyer dealer in NYC? their company website is a lot werse in that respect than the seins website, which has a listing of like 30 stores in my area that might have their stuff...
or maybe i''l just got for the v6.. saw em in sam ash, they are the 7506 professional -> right? sam ash had a whole wall of em,
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