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Question for the Stax guys in the audience.

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I recently purchased a used Lambda and SRM-T1 and have a problem. Every so often when I move my head or touch the Lambdas I hear some distortion. Any ideas of what could be causing this problem?
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My experience has been the same. If you tweak the earspeakers a certain way while trying to adjust them, some distortions occur, but they disappear within a few seconds.
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This distortion is caused by the difference in air pressure from inside to outside the diaphragm. When you move your head the air volume inside the earpiece changes suh that it no longer matches the atmosphere and thus the diaphragm is momentarily forced to move a great deal, causing the distortion sounds.

I found this with the Omega 2 (!!) and was utterly dissappointed and downright suprised. I mean, you dont expect to have to stay rigid when listening with a $6000 system!

Like you i found that if i mived my head, sharply or even slowly sometimes, or lay on my bed, of touched the headphones, i would get the papery suction kind of sound, which i think is what you are describing. it's not actually a harmonic distorion of the music is it, more like a noice right, irrespective of the music playing. Is this right for what you experience?
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yeah, I know what you guys are talking about, that nasty crinkling sound. I was freaked out the first time I heard it, i thought I had messed up the driver or something!
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Does the same thing happen on the Orpheus, Neruda?

Quite dissapointing though, I'd want such a solid product at such a price point...
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yeah it does; I think it happens with every electrostatic. But don't worry, these headphones are very solid. I don't think you could make an electrostatic headphone that doesn't do that; it's just the design I guess.
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There was a similar query by acidtripwow at HeadWize, and I happened to post a reply there.


Hope that was helpful to STAX owners and would-be STAX owners.
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Thanks guys for replies. It seems like something I'm going to have to learn to live with. When the distortion happens it cuts out the music for a second and all you hear is the distortion. It only happens for a split second but makes me think there is something major wrong with the headphones themselves. Like I said it doesn't happen all the time, just every once in a while. I also noticed that these things make you sweat like a pig. I guess they use the same pleather that Sony uses for the MDR-V6 which makes me sweat like a pig, also.
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