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maker of outlaw ic's

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I recently borrowed an IC from my local dealer with Neotech RCA plugs on it so I thought I'd see what info I could find.

I found the Neotech page and noticed that the images used to describe their cables are used by outlaw audio on their page.
In fact, the first line on the outlaw description is
"First, all Outlaw cables are designed by us in conjunction with a world-class, ISO 9002 certified manufacturer in Taiwan. " which I assume is actually Neotech since they are in Taiwan.

It seems the entire cable may actually be Neotech gear, possibly assembled elsewhere.

Some useless information I thought I'd share...
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Wow! That's really cool! I could make my own Outlaw ICs... that is, if I needed 1000 pairs of 1 meter ICs... according to the FAQ the minimum purchase quantity is 2000 to 6000 m...
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I never said you should make your own, just giving information

Of course people with companies could buy, given the positive reviews of outlaw interconnects.. a approach
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