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I'm a hot chick and a baby.
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What do bikini-clad girls and cars got to do with each other? Nothing, but most guys happen to like both cars, or headphones in this case, and girls.

You don't find anything quirky about it? Mixing two un-related things, one geeky and the other non-geeky?
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Originally Posted by Jahn
All the animated ones are before the change to no animation rules - the ones still animated are by folks who still haven't changed since the rules began. In other words, no more new animated avatars, EVER!

Edit - Even if you are a Kenshin, or "Samurai X" fan!

I didn't hear about that. Well, I guess I'm not changing mine then!
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<------ Illustration I did last year. I'd really like to have the entire pic as my avatar but hehehe, cant because of size restrictions
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<- spacer.gif

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Originally Posted by Illah
Why do people photoshop headphones onto people? I mean, I guess the Iron Chef one is kinda fun and interesting, but putting random cans and random cute girls? I don't see what the appeal is.

The majority of the male users on this forum appreciate beauty. They also appreciate headphones. You may not find women appealing, but others do

that and gorgeous women don't sport geeky head gear for the camera makes it even more interesting, cross both beatiful women sporting nice headphones and we have a winner!

it is tradition for me now. Cheers.
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<<<<---- The greatest natural (non-juiced) all-around hitter in baseball since Ted Williams
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Originally Posted by solbergg
If the avatars of people were a true representation of who they are, I think this board is mostly populated by hot chicks and babies. How did you come to select your avatar?
Thought process for avatar selection (03/20/2005):
1. I need a Head-Fi avatar.
2. An avatar is small.
3. OK, choose something small.
4. How about a photo? Good.
5. A small photo? Even better.
6. What about that one of the swimmer that Elton John owns? Right, I saw something on TV about that not too long ago. And it's a really small photo, I think.

<<-- Hence, André Kertész, Underwater Swimmer, Esztergom (1917).

Is this avatar a true representation of who I am? Let's see:
I am not a swimmer.
I am not a photographer.
I am not Elton John.

Revised thought process for avatar selection (02/17/2006):
1. I need a Head-Fi avatar.
2. An avatar should somehow represent me as a person.
3. OK, choose something representative. Size irrelevant. Photoshop the crap out of it until it fits.

*shrugs and begins search for new, representative avatar*
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Best friend.
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Mine's uh...a hamster ......dancing.......uh........

It's kind of a long story how it came to be that way......

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: ]  how to add avatar to my profile?

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Originally Posted by Pizdak View Post

: ]  how to add avatar to my profile?


Dunno, I'm old as dirt, and added mine when I was young ;')

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