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Best interconnects + extension cable for $200

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I recently realized that I still have cheap plastic interconnects between my home CD changer and amp. I also realized that listening to my Ety 4P's through the amp would be a lot more enjoyable if I didn't have to stand within three feet of the amp. So, I want to know the best all-around value for interconnects and a headphone extension.

I've read that you should spend between 10-20% of your system’s value on cables. I think the CD player and amp were both about $300, as were the Etys, and if you consider my $400 speakers that will also be benefiting from cable upgrades (at least the interconnects), my budget should be around $200 for the interconnects and extension combined. Here's what I'm considering:


Bolder - Type 1 audio interconnects, $80

Outlaw - PCA pure copper analog, $35

Ted's Excellent Cable - Dimension RCA, $72

DiMarzio interconnects - $89

Kimber - PBJ, $69

Sonic Horizons - Sunrise, $40; Daybreak, $70; Hurricane $100

Headphone Extensions (appx. 10 feet):

DiMarzio - SilverAudio, $59; Big Red, $125

Ted's Excellent Cable - Earcandy, $89

Kimber - PBJ, $89

Sonic Horizons - Sunrise, $38; Daybreak, $70; Hurricane, $150

In addition, my amp has a 1/4" jack, and the Ety's have a 1/8" plug. So, instead of using an adaptor, I was wondering if it would be possible to get a 1/4 male to 1/8 female extension. Thanks in advance for any advice! Oh, the other thing I was wondering about: is the 4P -> 4S converter really worth it? (Subtract $50 from my cable + interconnect budget if it is...)
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Advice? Anyone? Please???
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Regarding IC's I see no other choice than;
Outlaw - PCA pure copper analog.
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Hey, the cheapest IC may be the best! That eases the budget a bit. I could get the outlaw ICs, Hurricane extension, and the 4P -> 4S adaptor and not be too far over what I wanted to spend. Anyone else have an opinion?

Kwkarth - I see in your profile that you have the 4P's plus the 4S adaptor; is it worth it?
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Are you asking if the Ety ER4x is worth the price? To me, absolutely, no question. Are you asking is the 4P with the S adaptor worth the trouble? Again, yes, to me. The 4P allows me to power it from ANY source while the "S" adaptor allows me to obtain the best sound when using a good headamp.
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Yep! That's what I would do. Get the Ety adapter, and Outlaws. That should leave you plenty of money for an extension; being that most of them color the sound so bad buying a cheap one especially with the Etys is not the way to go.
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OK, so it sounds like Outlaw ICs and the Ety adapter are a good plan. Any recommendations for headphone extensions? I've read several conflicting opinions on extensions, and it seems that a higher price does not necessarily mean higher quality.
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By far, the best HP extension is NO extension. Any chance you can do without it?
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Well, having no extension cable would mean that I would have to sit on the ground next to my bureau (the etys have a short cord.)

I might be better off getting a portable amp (META42) so I could use it anywhere. What would be better (as far as sound quality): SlimX -> (mini to RCA cord) -> META42 -> ety adapter -> etys OR Onkyo 6 disc CD player -> outlaw ICs -> Onkyo amp (designed for speakers) -> extension cord -> 1/4 to 1/8 adapter -> ety adapter -> etys? Just looking at, the META42 course seems superior in that it's portable and more simple, albeit more expensive. I have a feeling that the META would sound better too.
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Boy, that's one of the nice things about these guys DIYing Meta42s for ya; you can get it configured pretty much how you want it. I would think these guys could make a Meta42 that can be powered by a wall outlet, and/or batteries, so you can take it in, and out of your main system. You will want an amplifier to maximize the potential of the Etys anyway, but you are now over your budget. Gee wizz! What else is new around here.
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