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I would say yes. The SR225 work fine unamped from my Zen Micro and Vision W. Sure, they get /better/ with a good amp, but they still sound amazing without one.
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Thanks, I guess I'll still make them my first dive into the world of "good" headphones.
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I can't believe this thread is only 5 pages.... Love my 225's!!!
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Originally Posted by jfindon View Post
Better enough to warrant the price tag if I never intend to amp them?
When I first bought my 225's I wound up selling my sr71 amp because I felt they sounded great without it. After that I used them for a whole year just listening thru my ipod and out of my computer at work. Now at home, I use a SOHA which makes them sound even more awesome.
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SR225 is the best price-performance ratio wise cans among other Grados.... worth to have one for the reference.
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These cans are VERY high on my Christmas wish list, and of course it helps that I already have an amp (Move) that will really let these bad boys sing.

Question, though.

I listen mostly to Classic Rock and Blues. Which pads would be the best for me?
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I have had my SR225 for two days and I absolutely love them.
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Originally Posted by intoflatlines View Post
I have had my SR225 for two days and I absolutely love them.
I got mine for Christmas and loving them, too.
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Just got mine today, without any burn in I already love 'em. I can already see that these are likely the best part of my home system, hopefully the rest of my portable system will do them justice. I'm running up against the usual problems, good stuff sounds great, bad recordings (low bit rate or any mp3 disks) don't sound as good. Listening to a Paterson Quartet playing Beethoven (lossless flac) sounds great, I always could kinda hear the finger work and breathing of the players but now, its like I'm standing over their shoulder's.
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I just got a great deal on a new pair of SR225s for $150. Looking forward to hearing them tonight!!!
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Originally Posted by msfarley View Post
I just got a great deal on a new pair of SR225s for $150. Looking forward to hearing them tonight!!!
You will love them. Make sure to allow several days of use before making any serious judgements though.

Congratulations on your purchase!
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sr225 upgrade from sr60, will this be enough...?


As I have been reading in this thread, the sr225 will need an heapdhone amp to be driven. Currently, my setup consists of 2 things, using the SR60 Headphones :

iPod + HeadRoom Total AirHead amp
Laptop + Echo Audio Indigo I/O Soundcard, not using the AirHead amp

The reason I am not using the amp with the Echo Audio soundcard is that I did not notice any difference in sound quality. The Echo soundcard must already have a good amp built-in. In fact, when using the amp with this soundcard, I felt the sound was getting muddy.

However, with the iPod, it's a wooorld of difference...

So now I am contemplating getting a pair of sr225, and I am wondering if anyone has experience using the Headroom Total AirHead Amp with these, if they will be enough to drive them?


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SR225 sound great without an amp too. When I listen to them straight from my laptop headphone out or iPod they sound great.

Of course, when you add an amp it does make a difference, but its not like some of those other high impedance cans out there where you need an amp to make them sound good.
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I have been letting my new 225s burn in all weekend, and listening to them they already sound great! There is a big improvement in detail over the SR-60s. How long until they are fully burned in do you think? Thx.
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I have heard that Grados have a relatively short break-in period. I don't know exactly how long, but just listen to them. If they sound great, who cares if they're broken in? The sound on the SR225 is not going to get less pleasing.
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