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Im not sure about that, it seems like a lot of people say the 225s are a sweet spot in price vs performance in the grado lineup. I haven't tried many grados, but I believe it.
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Originally Posted by rwest1389 View Post
Im not sure about that, it seems like a lot of people say the 225s are a sweet spot in price vs performance in the grado lineup. I haven't tried many grados, but I believe it.
I tried the sr 225's, and I wound up sending them back. I saw the POTENTIAL in the grado line through them, but felt that the cans themselves were severely lacking a full enough sound.
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Remember that these cans really need to be amped, because only then it will only show its true potential. It really sounds far better than unamped
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I just received my 225s to replace my 60s in the office rig (w/ Trends UM10 offboard soundcard / DAC & CMOY amp). Thing is, that after listening to them today, I think I'm going to take them home and put 'em up against my 701s in the home rig...
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I was just listening to SRV riviera paradise from the In Step album and let me tell you I APPRECIATE THESE 225's.The SOHA is quite a good amp for grados. They make my 225's sing. I LIKE IT!!!
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Anyways, I am thinking about snagging a pair of these from Todd. I am upgrading from K81DJ so it should be a nice improvement. Anyways, has anyone listened to these through a Pimeta with AD8610/8620 OPAmp? I really like my amp and have spent almost as much as these cans are on it. (I know I took the wrong upgrade path, but I love electronics.) Anyways, will they sound good out of this amp? Also, what are the flats that you all are talking about?

This is more of a personal preference, but should I buy them second hand for about $30 less? I hate spending money, as I am only 17, but I want these cans.

Do they come with a reasonable case?

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I love mine, listening to acoustic country guitar ie: Willie Nelson, Waylon or even Rock like Clapton or Marshall Tucker Band.
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Love mine... I have since acquired Senn 650's, and prefer each when I'm in different moods. For what I paid for a used pair I really cant see getting rid of these even if I get a higher end Grado.
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Originally Posted by Jeff Guidry View Post
The 225's don't sound right to me without the bowls. The soundpicture gets fragmented, and what I gain in reduced high and mid peakiness I lose + in terms of loss of overall coherence.

I like them for a wide variety of music, particularly pop. I don't agree that they are the premier heavy metal headphone, as all heavy metal I have is WAY too trebly with them. Classical music is not good most of the time because of the high frequency push, it just destroys the sound picture. But jazz and pop really sound awesome with them.
I don't listen to Heavy Metal but I enjoy a lot of Hardcore type music (along with a little of every other genre).

So what would you consider as the premier headphone for Metal?

I was going to grab a pair of Grado's from the FS because I'd like to have a secondary to my DT880's for my more rock oriented music.
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Rather than start a thread I'll just post here I have HD580's and SR225's on the way. I've heard little dot tube amps pair well with the HD580's, but what about with the SR225's? I'm hoping to get an amp that pairs well with both of my main headphones. Thanks!
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I got my SR225's from Violeta88 last week and have been listening them for couple of days. First impressions weren't so great with bowls. A little bit too harsh highs for my taste.

So I got some Senn 414 pads and installed them normally. Highs tamed nicely and bass seemed to improve a little.

Today I "quarter-mod" my Senn pads with 2 euro coin and installed them reversed. All I can say is YES! Now I have the sound what I want. Also the clamping force of the phones improved with reversed pads to just right.

I'm just listening Nightwish's new album and first time I have a toe-tapping and headbanging headphone which sounds absolutely great with metal music. Highs are nice and bass improved noticeably.

I switched to my Sony's and Nightwish sounds so distant and a bit boring. Is this the beginning of a severe Grado-fever? I'm very hesitant to sell these to my brother. Maybe some RS-2's next?

Oh, I have ordered flats from TTVJ just in case
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I notice a lot of people in this thread saying you can't appreciate the 225s without an amp. I was planning on upgrading from my PX100s when I get my Zune 80 on Tuesday, and my thought was to get the 225s but I didn't plan on amping them. I made other threads and people said they'd be fine unamped, but I'm not going to drop $160 on them if they don't sound much better than the PX100s... Is this right?
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They will definitely sound better than your px100's.You won't have to worry about that.
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Originally Posted by headphonejunkie View Post
They will definitely sound better than your px100's.You won't have to worry about that.
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Better enough to warrant the price tag if I never intend to amp them?
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