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Can't wait to get mine, hopefully on Saturday .
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Should b gettin mine in the next week or so
The 1 im gettin only comes with flats though..
I might have to put up a WTB ad here for bowls later
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Originally Posted by jdimitri
Should b gettin mine in the next week or so
The 1 im gettin only comes with flats though..
I might have to put up a WTB ad here for bowls later
Yes, you bought them from me...I'll be interested to hear you're impressions once they arrive. I sold them not because I don't like them but because I had the opportunity to pick up some HF-1s. I'm still a big fan of the SR225s and I'm confident you will find them well worth what you paid for them...
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I miss my SR-225's... I love the RS-1's but the SR-225's were my first real headphone and I loved them to bits.

SR-225 love is in the UK!
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I'm getting depressed.

I have MS-1s and will be getting new cans eventually......either MS2i or RS-2....and that means I will have missed the SR-225.

I'm getting depressed.

I've never heard them but I find that I'm unabashedly recommending them to others!!
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First cans after hitting up head-fi... SR225! hahaha, they sound great, though not as fun as the sr325i's I was trying to get. But, since they aren't aluminum, I'm not afraid to mod them, which is something I like a lot more about the SR225 compared to the higher models.

Bowls are strangely more comfortable on normally than backwards when I wear glasses. Ratshack flats sound kinda muddy but feel the best too. I'm sure that Todd Flats are even better.

Have people modded their bowls into say... half bowls, instead of fully cutting them down?
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They're a nice headphone at a price point that doesn't break the bank.
I've had mine for around 5 years and won't part with them. Prefer them with bowls and on some recordings like them better than the RS1s.
Usually run them out a SXH1.
Only downside, I've had one of the cable wires brake away from its soldered attachment at the driver twice now so will have to anchor the cable inside the driver housing more securely to take the strain from the join.
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Got mine today!
Wow, they're definitely better for rock than beyers!
Hmmm i don't know though, i'd definitely have to adjust to the sound first
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I got my SR225 in last night.

The one thing that struck me right away was they weren't what I was expecting. After reading so much about Grado headphones and their forward presentation, I thought it would be even more forward than what I was expecting. Kinda disappointed me.

Aside from that, wow I can really see why there are lots of Grado fans. The forward sound really is something special! I can't say I was too pleased with it coming from my other headphones but it really was unique. I found it's a great can for rock, country, folk, alternative, even country.
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Love my RS-1's, but miss my 225's for a few recordings. I'm pretty sure that I'll buy another pair one day. Great headphones.
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Love my RS-1's, but miss my 225's for a few recordings. I'm pretty sure that I'll buy another pair one day. Great headphones.
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I love my 225s. My RS-1s get a little more playtime, but I still use the 225s with my iPod and with the computer.
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I'm in LOVE with the sound of the SR225 - All Over Again

A few days ago, I got a Go-Vibe V5 (the new 3-Channel model with LM6172/1), which I'm powering with a 24v Elpac. I'm totally, freshly and head-over-heels in LOVE again with the sound of my SR225 (with VWAP-modded Senn 414 pads). I'm used to hearing them driven with a PPA with discrete buffer (tried OPA637/27 (Elantec buffers), and OPA627's, AD8610's, AD8065's (discrete buffer) and a high-bias M^3 (AD843's), and, I haven't heard them sound THIS movingly gorgeous before. The V5 is showing me just how gorgeous and amazing these SR225 can sound. I'm getting a level of extension, fullness, richness, clarity, depth, liquidity, vivid timbres, downright sensuous textures, balance and space in the sound that I simply cannot remember ever hearing before from these SR225. Oh, I've heard plenty from the SR225 in all of these categories that I've loved before for years now, but not like I'm hearing it with the V5. It's as if every SR225 sonic quality that I've ever heard really optimally, one or a few at a time, in a really good phrase here or on a special recording there, have all come together at once and I get to hear nearly all of them, nearly all the time. I'm even hearing qualities, like gorgeous decay, that I first really noticed from the HD580, after several years of listening to the SR225 without the decay being something I would mention prominently about them. Now, the decay is movingly and beautifully there to be enjoyed. These SR225 can really sound amazing, and, with the V5 driving them (at 24v), I've fallen completely in LOVE with the SR225 sound, all over again. And it's not even Spring!!! (Pssst! Don't tell the guys over on the Go-Vibe V5 thread that I'm going through this emotional time with my SR225 and the V5. It'd totally blow my credibility over there. Thanks! I knew I could count on ya'.)
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Such great headphones, that I'm currently debating whether I should just replace the cable under warranty (Seem to have lost connection somewhere at the plug), or go nuts and hit up Headphile.

I don't know that dropping twice the cost of the headphones is worth it though... Can someone talk me into $550 USD for ebony deeps and gold recables?
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I just got my first pair of Grado's a few weeks ago, which was a pair of SR225's... and I love them. I came from measly HD497's, and then used a set of A700's for a week until the Grado's arrived. For music, the 225 is incredable. I listen mainly to rock, so they are perfect. I have an amp coming for them shortly, and headphile c-pads are coming soon also!
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