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Originally Posted by limpidglitch View Post
Well I think I'm done working on my 225s for a while now.
Finally I've got a grado with no cable twist!

wow, my old grados with some fashion!
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Hey guys.! i am one step from getting the sr225 ,but do you think they will sound similar to my hd-595? i dont want to spend 200 dollar and find out that there is no difference in sound.
and another question...i heard that this cans are really great for metal , do they also go well with a little more slow doom metal?
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^ They won't sound anything like your Senns. Now go order them!
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Originally Posted by apatN View Post
^ They won't sound anything like your Senns. Now go order them!
thanks apatn! 99.9% i will get them tomorrow. i know you are a big fan of the dt880 also,and i want to thank you and the other head fiers for helping me choose what's best for me and introducing me the grado. anyway...i always wanted to know what is all the fuss about them..i guess tomorow i will know
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So did you order them?
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Originally Posted by Bradrj1029 View Post
One question, Is there a huge difference between the SR80's and the 225's?
I owned both and I felt like the 225 was a big jump. Overall the sound is much more smooth with no harshness in highs. That was the biggest thing I noticed and was enough to warrant the price I paid for 225.
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Originally Posted by apatN View Post
So did you order them?
Yeah...Did you get 'em yet?
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Originally Posted by Bullseye View Post
Hippietom, how do they sound with your LD I+?
I must say that the 225 + LD i+ is just amazing combo. Very 3d and just perfect in my ears. When i do A-B between LD 1+ and EF-1 with 225 i have to say that i like the LD even more. Very close call but the dot with the mullards takes the cake with very raw sound and no volume imbalance at low volumes.
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Yeah thanks for that, i asked that before i got mine. Now i have it, and it does sound good. Really addicting sound, & I have the 6J1 tubes -stock- and stock op-amp too.

sr225 with LD i+ = win at good price.

And the connection cable it comes with it is quite good.
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I received my Grado 225's yesterday and already had to do my first mod. Turns out that my head is to small for them, so this morning I took a ride down to Home Depot and bought some Rubber Foam WeatherSeal with an adhesive back (3/4"w, 7/17t", 10'l). Went home and cut off about a 5in. strip and stuck it to the bottom of the headband. Now they fit and sound great. The rubber foam is awesome because it adds some cushion for the top of the head, but the surface of it keeps the headphones from sliding around.
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I bought the SR225 again, this time I'm keeping them probably for good. Going to do wood cup and headband mods
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are you guys going to wait for the sr225i?
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I am going to wait for impressions. My grados are pretty new, and maybe if i get back to the shop I can ask them to change them to the new version, obviously if it is worth it.
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sr225i's are already shipping, this is what I received from JR Music World. I had no idea I had the new series model because nothing is on the box that states it. When I started reading about the thicker cable and new housing I realized I had the new model. Theese are my first good quality phones so I'm a bit of a newb at the whole headphone thing. They do sound great though.
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I ordered a pair of SR225's from MusicDirect on the 20th. I paid $160, which gives me the impression that they were a closeout pair. Since then I've been obsessively checking my bank account online to see if the money's been debited yet (it hasn't) and I just noticed in the confirmation email that the availability says Feb 23 -- today. Surely this doesn't mean I'll be getting a SR225i for that price? I guess I will have to wait and see.

These are to replace my HD595. Excited about the change in sound, hesitant about the change in comfort. =/ I plan to try my hand at modding with these.
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