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Well....how do they sound? You like them?
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Originally Posted by Bullseye View Post
How much was that mod?
How much as in price? I don't know as I bought them with the cups installed, The headbands are 43 USD + reasonable shipping from JMoney audio.
How much as in what is done? mahogany cups, blu-tac and lambskin headband. I'm planning to do some cable business in the weekend, really don't know what yet.

Fido2, the sound is great. I've never listened to any stock 225s, so I can't do a comparison that way. They're darker sounding than my 325is, but that's really not saying much. Hopefully this weekend wont be too busy, I would like to see how they sound with the stock cups. One thing I'm fairly certain about is that they sound 'wooden', including the aforementioned darkness, plus some warmth. Jin mentioned that the wood partially tamed the highs, which sounds reasonable considering the characteristics I'm experience.
Put briefly: Yes I like them.
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Congrats limpidglitch. You beat me

You know. I got a mail from Jeremy were he said he would pay back my money because it was bad wood.
When he would have the new wood cups ready he would send me cups free of charge because of the waiting.

Two days ago he sent me a mail that he could not send me the cups for free but they were finish so i could pay for them if i like. I feel that it is an very arrogant thinking and i dont have money any longer so i have to wait some months.
Why did he pay back my money when i had already paid? I had no use for them. I needed wooden cups and not a freaking headband.That makes me very angry just thinking off. I dont like when people say one thing and do the opposite. I really looked forward to get them but now i have bad taste from that shop and thinking of saving up for some RS1 instead just because i dont support people that dont hold words..
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yeah, that don't sound too cool, but I would wait and see. Try to broker a discount at least.
From everything I've read about him I'm of the impression that he's a rather decent bloke.
His business is in a transition state at the moment, which might screw things up a little.
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Yes i have that opinion myself that he is a cool guy. Thats why i dont understand why he dont hold his words.
I feel raped by a dude i cant reach
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Do what you feel his actions deserve, but personally I'd try to come to a solution that will leave both content.
On the other hand, while the wooden cups apparently improved the SR225, it will never be a RS1; most likely it won't stop you craving.
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Mod looks great!!! but i still want to find a good deal on Grado SR 225
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Today i listened to Ju-Ju Space Jazz - Shloop album on my 225s.
WOW. amazing. If some of you like prodigy i bet you like this album too. I had eargasm early this morning
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Hippietom, how do they sound with your LD I+?
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Well I think I'm done working on my 225s for a while now.
Finally I've got a grado with no cable twist!

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One question, Is there a huge difference between the SR80's and the 225's?
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That is relative to what you consider huge... For me there is a difference big enough as to be worth the money i payed for them.

You live in USA, they are way cheaper than in europe, i would either stay with the sr80s, and wait till i can afford rs1s, or make a step between (which will not be such a huge difference as you seem to be looking for)
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If anyone in Europe is looking to buy SR225's, I found them on Play.com for £150 down from £190.

Convinced me to buy them anyway
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Quick question. I saw how a headband is removed by pulling out the headband from the 'blocks'. Do you need to glue them together afterwards?
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I didn't.
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