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Had the Grado SR225 for about a week now, and I must say this has to be the best bang-for-buck Grado in the line-up, period. I've tried every Grado, either at home or at meets, and these really hit the spot. And buying them used by in pristine condition from the Head-Fi forums doesn't hurt either.
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Originally Posted by RickB View Post
I too own the HD595 and felt that there was something missing. For now at least, the SR225 seems to fit the bill for me and I hope it likewise does so for you.

Exactly, with my HD555's (little brother of 595's) there was something missing in the music.. The impact, the liveliness, the power..

225's are fabulous
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Originally Posted by metalears View Post

Exactly, with my HD555's (little brother of 595's) there was something missing in the music.. The impact, the liveliness, the power..

225's are fabulous
Yup, that's exactly what I've felt is missing. It's just flat sounding. I mean, don't get me wrong, the HD595s are awesome and they still sound great for acoustic and more laid back music. But most of my music demands something more lively.

Great to hear that I've barked up the correct tree!
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I would just like to report that I received my 225s today, and all I have to say is this:

Ooooooh...these are exactly what I've been missing!

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I've been listening to mine for about a month now and they really do a great job on guitars and male vocals. They also do great stuff on small ensemble jazz.
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Originally Posted by MetalGeek View Post
I would just like to report that I received my 225s today, and all I have to say is this:

Ooooooh...these are exactly what I've been missing!

Cheers! They'll feel like heaven after Senny's
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Yea I love them! Got a problem with that?

I didn't think so.
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Some may consider me not worthy but I still love my 225's.Even more than my mint condition ms2i's.I dont use my headphones much but when I do I always reach for the lower priced 225's.They sound almost as good as the ms2's and are much lighter in weight.Last January I bought a tube amp and it clearly gave me a whole new appreciation for them.I may sell most of my headphone equipment,however,the 225's stay regardless.They are the best bang for the buck in my opinion !
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Hi i have an embarrassing question: im really looking into getting a pair of 225's. Ive been researching for a while and everything i've read sounds great. However, i love bass, and i love a rich, full sound. I'm also new to the lingo. Here is the more embarrassing part for me, the only thing i have as reference are a pair of Bose Tri Ports. they were my "introduction" to "better sound", and i know i know, i see how much crap Bose gets on sites and i agree, poorly made and whatnot but it's all i got. i really would love a "new introduction" to better sound. i have about 275 to spend and i won't be amping them immediately but in due time. i will say honesty i thought the bose were amazing upon first listen a few years back, i knew they weren't the best because the bass distorted the sound a bit, but i put up with it rather easily. I've read some reviews that say "bass pours into your head" and even someone say the 225s were better obviously better than the Tri Ports but didn't embellish beyond that. To me the open back seems like it would sound tinny and not very rich. Anyway, if anyone here has owned pair of Tri Ports and 225's and can enlighten me and tell me they're better (haha) i would appreciate it, or at least compare and contrast i would be so greatful. oh i listen to a whole spectrum: classical, anticon, rock, opera, indie, hip hop, southern blues, post rock. Thank you. (sorry so long)
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Welcome to Head-Fi!

Long story short, I purchased a pair of Bose on the ear phones (OE) and I really did like them but I started to research on this site about all the different types of 'cans' available. I ended up returning them and purchasing a pair of Grado 225's and the difference is evident. The 225's bass is less sloppy than the bose and the midrange on the 225's put you up front and center. This sound may not be for you though as the bass is not thick but extends low. The highs are little 'hot' but you can change the bowls pads for flats to get extra bass. I tried them but always went back to bowls because it gives more air in the music.

Hope this helps somewhat. I still have my 225's but they are open cans and may irritate other people in a quiet setting. Good luck! Oh yah these cans need some burn in time so don't be disappointed first listen 'cause they truly do change. Burn in is real IMO.
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Thanks! I've never spent so much time on one site all day before this is interesting reading. Anyway thank you for that info, I really think I'm gonna go for it and get a pair from Headroom. I was looking at the Denon D2000 though too, but those are $300 I believe and I dunno if I can pull that off. I read they are a bit dark. I guess I'm just not sure what I like. Grado seems bright and the D2000s are dark, I wonder what would you consider the Bose? Also there's no way for me to try either of these. Guess it may be trial and error.
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I never tried the Denon's but I hear good things about them and they are closed phones as oppose to the Grado's. Keep a lookout on the for sale forum as 225's can be had for a good price if you don't mind used. You might also read up on Audio-Technica as they make great phones and are Grado like with a forward presentation and a sweet midrange for vocals. I have a AT esw9 which are great for portability as I would find it weird to sport Grado's outside. Also note that the Grado's are terminated with a 1/4" plug and you'll need an adapter to a 1/8" for all DAP's jacks (ipod); the stock cord is long for listening on the go unless wrap 'em up or shorten and reterminate the headphones but this will void your warranty. Yup this journey is trial and error but head-room has a return policy minus the shipping and they along with other sponsors support and help this site continue. BTW I bought my 225's from them without any problems and don't forget the discount/promotions before you checkout. Saves you some cash for that hp amp you'll be looking for down the road.
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I love my sr225's

I have not done so, go get Cliffs of Dover and listen. Amazing.
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Love my SR225s and actually had them recabled at apuresound with mobil cables, they are my primary mobil phones. I like to know what is happening around me and the hood isn't too noisy.
Here's what they look like-picts of mine by apuresound and believe it or not they sound better and are much more functional with the new cables.

APureSound - Grado SR225 Portable Recable
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I just picked up a great used pair of SR225's and have really enjoyed them so far. I'm a bass junky, but I really do love the details in the mids and highs. I would like to try out getting them recabled and woodies put on in the future. I wish they had a little more bass extension, though.
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