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I started into headphones many years ago with Senns (414's). I was unimpressed with their comfort and sound quality compared to listening to music on a traditional home HiFi speaker based system; so I gave up on them. I spent over 20 years building a decent home speaker-based system afterwards. A little over 2 years ago, I was forced to sell my setup due to numerous personal circumstances (needed the money, it didn't sound good in my little 1-bedroom apartment, and I was spending more time on my comp late at night and couldn't listen to my music at a decent level without disturbing others).

I sold my gear on ebay, and in the course of doing so; stumbled across headphones and other related gear. I recognized some names from memories of old reviews I'd read in countless past-issues of high-end mags, and this led me to decide to give headphones another shot. I purchased an mp3-player, and a set of open-box but never-used, Shure E5c's; with some of the money I made from selling my home-rig. While waiting for the Shure's to arrive, I stumbled upon Gary Ali's PA2V2 on ebay, and bought one through his ElectricAvenues website. In our emails with each other, he mentioned HeadFi...which was what eventually led me here.

Well, the amp arrived to me before the Shure's did; so I listened to the new mp3 player amped, through my old Sony MDR-35's. What an improvement that was! My old $20 (almost 20-years-old) 'phones sounded better than ever, so I was excited to get my trendy new, multi-driver IEMs, and was looking forward to some great hi-end sound. I was enormously disappointed when the Shure's finally arrived. I burned them in for over 100 hours, and still found them severely lacking in so many ways. I liked my $20 cans much better; so I sold the almost $600 Shure's on ebay (at a $150-loss), 3-weeks later, and decided to buy a set of Grado SR125's NIB, for $140-shipped.

I owned those cans for about 6-months and was impressed so much, that I decided to upgrade to the 225's. I bought mine used from a fellow Headfier, a year and a half ago, and their sound quality with everything I throw at them, is amazing. I prefer them with bowls (I find flats obscure the detail in the mids and highs). They are comfortable, lightweight, and work great with the types of music I listen to (which is everything except opera and classical).

After almost 2-years, I find it difficult to justify spending more money for headphones. The 225's are that good. I'd rather feed them a better source (looking for a $200 USB-dac at the moment). I'm still toying with the idea of a Headfile woodie/cable mod, but I just enjoy the sound of these stock so much that I don't want to lose them to Larry for such a lenghty period of time. These are the best cans I've ever owned, and has redefined my perception and enjoyment of music. As is, my little 225-based headphone rig trounces my former $7000+ speaker-based rig. For me, that says it all.

I won't get rid of these. They just plain ROCK!
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Originally Posted by courierdriver View Post
I won't get rid of these. They just plain ROCK!
As a side note, I saw that you are using an Audigy 2 ZS for your laptop... If you don't do much gaming, and use the laptop more for music listening (and production) you might want to check out the Echo Audio Indigo series of PCMCIA soundcards. I own both the ZS and the Indigo I/O, and I don't use the ZS anymore. It'll make the SR225 sound that much better

If you're unsure and can actually find a place to try and compare first.. do it

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just tried the hd414 pad mod reversed:

i'm pretty happy
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AHHHH! I haven't listened to my SR225 for like three days and I just put them on. The sound so amazing. I wish I could listen to them more.
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I thought I'd join this thread by now, since I just put an order on a pair of SR225's from TTVJ

Can't wait to get them. I'll probably have to wait a week or more because of the international shipping. I hope I won't have to pay import tax, any europeans familiar with ordering from TTVJ?

I have a pair of SR60's and Sennheiser HD555's, to try the different signatures and deciding on the next step. The HD555's sound great for acoustic music and the such, but they just don't cut it for Rock and Metal. I really enjoy the sound of my SR60's, but the extra bass of the SR80's was something that really got me wanting them, but that's when I thought I'd take a bigger step and go for the SR225's
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An amp will really make your 225's sing. That is where you will really see a difference.I see you have one. You will like them. Give them about 50 hours burnin and they will sound great.
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Thanks headphonejunkie

Although I just read in the TTVJ-forum that he doesn't ship Grado overseas? I'm getting a bit worried here.
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Thought I'd revive this thread a little, since I'm in the market for an amp for my 225s. Leaning toward the mini^3...anyone have experience with that combo?
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i just want to say thanks to all members of Head-fi for alot of comical yet informative suggestions and experiences. I have a 225 and it is my first Grado and I enjoy the sound signature produced. At first I felt it was lacking bass but as I grew accustom to the sweet mids and crisp highs, the bass is just right. I am sure with all the mods posted to enhance the bass, I will find that sweet spot to satisfy my basshead cravings. I am running no amp, but sometime in the near future I would like to get a RSA-XXX. Cheers.
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Im trying to go to bed and im falling asleep, but i got my PC on Winamp playing some trance/techno stuff from my Chaintech AV710 Soundcard into my MaxiMoy amp and my SR225's , and i cant stop!
I have to try to pull them off and go to sleep though.
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I'm pretty much a newbie to this forum and to portable audio. My prior experience has been with home audio. Outside of the Etys which I had for travel with my laptop, my only other headphone experience was with closed cans, Denon model unknown. Mid range to mid-low model. Very disappointing.
They're gone and good riddance.

So maybe this is newbie meaningless drivel, but I must say....I am blown away by the 225s. This is the closest I have come to experiencing portable audio like my home audio setup. Finally, the music sounds the way I expect it to. There is the right amount of bass, mids and highs are what I would expect. Amps certainly help bring out the potential of the 225s. I am really quite pleased.

This is my first introduction to the Grado sound and to a mid level hp. WOW
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They sound better than any system I have owned.
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Got my 225's a few days ago. Only complaint is that I wish the bass was extended a bit more; within an hour of listening I had already heard the roll-off on a trance song. I do enjoy the tightness and accuracy of it.

Otherwise, it is really a wonderful set. Ordered some HD141 pads and plan on getting a Beyer DT770 headband from a good acquaintance of mine, so pretty soon I'll be rocking out in a very comfortable pair of Grado's .
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let em burn-in.
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The former owner already burned them in for me . I'm experienced with AKG K81's, and obviously the bass in the 225's is going to feel a bit weak to me for a while (it is cleaner though).
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