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Grado SR225 Thread

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well guys, there seem to be threads like these for other grados but where's your love for the 225?

just got mine a couple of days ago and as my first grado, im taking my time getting used to their sound, and sure as hell enjoying the experience. paired them with the flats and running them from my X5 right now and the bass is sweet. hopefully, they'll be with me for a long long time (hopefully )

so what say you share some of this love?

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I love mine. Great for recordings where additional punch and upper midrange sweetness are beneficial. There are a lot of things I don't care to listen to through these headphones, but the songs that fit them, fit them the very best!
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Grados are my favorite cans period ! I would not trade or sell my 225's for anything ! My only regret with Grado is not being able to afford ms2i's or 325i's at the moment !
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I've had my SR225 for 2 1/3 years so far, and they're still one of my two main cans (the other - which, BTW, is a gorgeous complement to the SR225, IMO, is a HD580). For Shoegaze, Progressive Rock, Metal and anything with a LOT of high end to be sorted out and imaged, the SR225 is THE can for me. I read a lot that Grado's are soundstage-challenged and that Senns have a WONDERFUL soundstage. It is true that the HD580 has a very open, spacious and coherent soundstage. So do my SR225's. In fact, for the "Wall of Noise/Distortion" in Shoegaze, the SR225 images that wall, making it a beautifully undulating, shimmering curtain of sound. In fact, the first thing I noticed when I upgraded from SR60 to SR225 was that, with the SR225, it is as though I've entered INTO the music, and the sonic events are very much spread out in the sonic spatial realm. For me, the SR225 really came into its fullness in just about every sonic category I can think of when I switched from bowl pads to VWAP-modded Senn 414 pads. I love the crystal clarity, solidity and illumination properties of which these phones are capable in their portrayal of sound.
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I have had mine for 4 days and love them. They complement my Beyer 990s well. I tried the SR 60 and the SR 125 and the 225 are so much better.

Although I must say they are only a steeping stone until I can get my hands on some HF-1.

But I will enjoy the heck out of the until then and who knows, I may never get rid of them.
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The 225's totally rock!

Everytime I sold a pair, I went out a week later and got another one! Finally I am settling down with an SR325i. If I didn't have a very nice tube amp, not that the 225's don't sound awesome with my Slam, I would still have them!
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Originally Posted by cheechoz
The 225's totally rock!
Word. With the taped bowls mod...
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I love mine they arent even a week old, but they already have me wondering what even better grado's sound like . such as the 325i's or the RS1. But for the moment and probably a goodwhile I will be enjoying these. But I must say if the stock bowls werent so uncomfortable they probably woulda never came off my head.
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Originally Posted by royhubbs
But I must say if the stock bowls werent so uncomfortable they probably woulda never came off my head.
Is that a good thing?
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Wash them in warm soapy water..rinse good,give them time and they will soften up some.The headphones are so light in weight anyway and maybe your ears can tolerate them more.
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I just got some slightly used SR225 with bowl pads from another head-fier and so far, they sound very similar to my SR60 with reversed Senn. 414 pads.

Therefore I only have some first impression.
The tonal balance of my SR60 and the SR225 are very similar, the SR60 being a little brighter, the SR 225 sounding a little more "grown up".

I guess, after reading averything about the SR225 here I was expecting a headphone with much punchier bass, fuller mids etc.

However, the difference seems to be in the details.

Tell me more about your experience with the SR60 and SR225
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Are the 225s fatiguing at all? I love my MS-1s but sold them. I want to get some Grados and it looks like the 225s are the best bang for the buck.
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225's are great

I have the RS-1's and the 225's are very close to them, like some other models. The main difference is just refinement.

The 225's are an awesome phone for the money and I love mine. It puts you very deep into the music. I have the RS-1's but will not sell my 225's because they give me a different sound. They are a little more aggressive than the RS-1's but with 414's or flats, they are just right.
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I love my 225s and will probably have them around forever.

That being said they sound like crap with bowls, flats, and comfies. The tape mod is the only thing that works to get satisfying sound.
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I have 2 SR225's, one with Black grill a older version and the newer Aluminum grill. The older one has deeper bass and higher treble as well. They really sound like completely different can's.

I like them both but am tending to listen to the older ones more

I have wondered why the newer version has been tweaked so much. It's nothing like the original version. But I still like it
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