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Odyssey Stratos Power Amp

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I've decided to consider selling my Odyssey Stratos 150 wpc power amp (I am buying a McIntosh integrated that pretty much replaces everything else I have been using).

I won't try to describe the amp in detail here, since there is a wealth of information elsewhere on the net. If you are interested, I encourage you to check out for many consumer reviews of this product. It's a fantastic amp whose reputation speaks for itself.

This amp is a real beauty - if you've ever seen pics, they don't really do it justice. This one is the "standard" grayish-black color with a blue illuminated logo faceplate. There are a few light scratches on the back, but overall it looks very nice. Be warned - this thing is big and heavy - be sure to measure your placement area to make sure it fits.

One note: I am the second owner on this. Odyssey offers a one-time-transferable warranty, but since I am the second owner I don't think it would apply again. You would need to discuss this with Odyssey's owner Klaus Bunge. To tell you the truth, I don't think its a big deal, for the following reasons: A. This thing is extremely solidly built; B. The warranty was "parts only"; labor would still be charged at Klaus' standard shop rate; and C. Klaus is so easy to work with and customer-oriented, I would guess that he would give you a good deal anyway.

This amp has the 120,000 uF Reference Cap upgrade. It can be further upgraded to Stratos Extreme Monoblocs or a Dual Monobloc - I've actually talked to Kalus about this, and he reserved a part that would be needed to do it. So, there is a nice upgrade path possible that supposedly makes a significant difference.

If you are interested in this amp, I'd be happy to discuss further. I will sell it for $750, including insured shipping in the U.S. (this is no small thing because of the weight). I'll accept Paypal without a surcharge.

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Here is a link to the page on this amp

By the way, the retail price is higher now than what is shown here. The current retail is at

Retail is $1195 plus extra for the cap upgrade.
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Don't mean to threadcrap, but I believe the warranty is transferable (not just once). I too bought a used Stratos, and was the 3rd owner. The second owner had not bothered to transfer the warranty. I had the amp shipped directly to Klaus Bunge in Indianapolis for the 120,000 uf cap upgrade. One phone call to Klaus and he not only transferred the warranty, but restored its balance from 18 years to the full 20 years!

These are really nice amps... I wouldn't even consider selling mine (but may have the Extreme upgrade done to it).
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sale pending...
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