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Beat $10 amp for IPOD????

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............... Not. $200 (see below).

Rather, what headphone does not need an amp with a 5th generation IPOD and has reasonable sound/aesthetics. ????
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Are you asking what headphone would be good without an amp?
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You got it....

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why not in the headphone section
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i dont have a white slab of trouble, but i do have a similar player.

i have found the following amps nice:

cmoy, with nice opamps.
porta-corda mk2.
mk-1 portaphile (maxed)
balanced buffered class-a cmoy, uses chips to split signal.
the grado ra-1 (clone)
my "elcheapo" 1W amp. the basic parts kit (no case, battery trays, 2 spare resistors to adjust gain, and 2 more to replace input caps or jacks) is even in YOUR budget.

i really like the following A LOT.
milelt hybrid, with a mix of black gate, elna and nichon caps, and stacked buffers.
my elcheapo (8/2)*2ch watt tube amp.
my aos flute dac/amp.

just a few amps i have enjoyed quite thourouly from my non eye-pawd.
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Well technically the iPod has an amp integrated into it...
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refer to boostaroo thread.
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Good replies

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Get a match book... paint it silver or black. Puncha few holes in, run the cable through.... bam an amp.
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wait, so some guy's offering you an ipod if you destroy a ten dollar amp? I'd go for it.
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Originally Posted by nikongod
Heck yeah. I loved your A-47 with the MS-1, MS-2, 325i & RS-2. I've yet to hear a better amp for Grados, but the only amps I've tried with them (and have a good memory of) are a Headroom Bithead, a DIY RA-1, and a PPA. I regret selling it with the 325i

Unamped? I'd go with a KSC-35/75, Grado SR-60, Alessandro MS-1, Beyerdynamic DT-231, Sennheiser PX100, HD-497, etc.
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