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small line conditioners...?

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I'm looking for a small line conditioner to bring along w/ my portable work-rig. The powerline noise is pretty bad at work, about 50+ computers w/ monitors in my immediate area. I need 2-3 sockets (for META42, Art DI/O, and Optimus CD-3400 can use battery pack if needed). So far I've found:

- Balanced Power Technologies BP-Jr. II Ultra $399 (6 x 6 x 4.5 in.)

- Audio Power Power Pack II $235 (13.2 x 3.75 x 1.75 in.)

- Price Wheeler Brick Wall PW2R15 $149 (3.1 x 7.85 x 3.75 in.)

I'm leaning towards finding a cheap, used BP-Jr., as balanced power seems to give the cleanest power. But it might be overkill? The Brick Wall is cheap and people seem to love them. I could really use your comments and suggestions.
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I'd say go Monster Power HTS1100. It's $129, not too big. You can plug all your stuff and your monitor into it (which helps a decent amount).

The problem with balanced is that if the noise isn't common, it won't get filtered. Also, those BPTs are supposed to be a bit of a bother to unplug and plug a lot... I'd save that for home.
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HTS1100 not big?

Dude, it's as long as my thighbone and weighs a fair amount.

The 1100 has Stage 2 v.2 filtering, but I've seen a small, two-outlet Stage 1 v.1 Monster product that is truly porrtable. From what I understand, the v.2 products only improve somewhat on the v.1 stuff AND the Stage 2 filtering isn't as big a leap as the Stage 1 is, so from a dollar-value standpoint as well as a general sound quality standpoint, that seems to me to be your best deal.

If you're willing to carry around the 1100, it's a great unit and it has improved my analog sound a ton and my digital sound a bit (relaxed it a bit, widened the soundstage somewhat, better instrumental positioning...all minor gains, but I wanted it for and got the most benefit from my vinyl source).

- Sir Mister Matt
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The BP-Jr is worth every penny. I wouldn't consider it overkill, but I'd recommend you leave it wherever you listen the most, as it is pretty hefty.
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I looked up the model, it's the MP-AV200. $22 online. Definately considering it, if I can find some reviews, but am leaning towards a higher-quality solution if the price and size is right.

The BP-Jr seems to be an amazing product if I can find it used. At 6x6x4.5 in. and 8 lbs., it isn't too bad. The other way to go would be to build a DIY balanced power unit using Jon Risch's design. The smallest transformer for this would be 6-7 lbs. alone, so it might not be worth it.

A 3rd solution would be to build Jon Risch's DIY AC line filter. even sells a kit for $123 if I'm lazy, but their enclosure is bigger than I need. Has anyone built this? How does it work?
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