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are there any suggestions for keeping phones safe, esp how to pack them in the case?
I believe the foam alone should be fine once cut for the phones to nest in.

I just used the headphone manufactures foam inserts that my HD600's and K1000's came with and fitted them to the case. The HD-600 foam inserts were the perfect height already.

I used the plastic packaging that ATH-W100's came with and did the same.

I already had the fabric around the house from years back so I added it for a nice appearance. That idea came from my ATH-W2002 case.

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Just picked up two cases at lowes, thats all they had. I will go back at another time for more.Thanks for the info guys.
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Thanks for the lead at Lowes'. I am going to go look for the case as my phones sit on the floor and I am always worried I will step on them inadvertantly.
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You can buy packages of the foam Hirsch used at the Container Store; if there isn't one in your area, I bet it's on their website too, but I haven't checked. Also, an electric carving knife works great for cutting foam. I didn't buy cases, but I have lined a drawer in a chest to store three pairs of headphones in a manner similar to the pics in the post. It's a great way to keep them protected and dust free.
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These are nice and all but I wonder if that's even more excessive than the backpack I currently carry to work.
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