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Soldering Station Questions

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Hello, I just bought a Hexacon Select-O-Trac soldering station. I have a few questions hope you guys can help me out,

1) Does anyone know what's the rating of this soldering station(in watts)? It's model number is 1006B. It has a selectable temp. control at 650F, 750F, 850F. How does it related to its wattage? I'm asking because I don't want it to burn my circuits! here is the pic:

2) I think the tip that comes w/ it is too big, which one of them do you guys recommend for light soldering?

3) ok, this may be too late to ask. But did I get ripped off? I got it for $40 bucks new on Ebay. It feels heavy & the cables are thick(which I suppose it's a good thing) but I couldn't find its listed price anywhere online. Anyway, I hope they're worth it.
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Uh, yea, it's worth $40. I'd assume it's over $200 but don't know... call a distributor and pretend to want to get one.

As for tip; you can get a general purpose one, or specialize. One of the smaller chisel or screwdriver tips would be good for the larger SMD... even makes getting to those DIP pins alot more fun (well at least compared to that baseball bat it came with)
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The CH-8136 or CH-4314 in that picture look like good general purpose tips.
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