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Originally Posted by Skylab View Post

VERY nice!

Thanks. I am happy that I ended up with the Concerto. I was close to ordering either the Audio GD Fun or a Harmony Design Ear 90 - both sounded fantastic (each in their way) with the T1. But the Concerto has exceeded my expectations. I am glad I trusted Jan Meiers never failing quality and without being able to listen to the amplifier it has been great to find out that the reviews here on Head-fi was totally right about what they said. 

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Had this in my ZDT post, but might as well put it here too:



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gorgeous setup champ

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Thanks! I just finished it with the recent arrival of the amp.  Hopefully that should do for a long time--keeping fingers crossed I don't get the upgrade bug any time soon.

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^ That EF5 sure looks familiar! 

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Originally Posted by Br777 View Post


getting the most out of that photo, Br777.

i also recognize it from the thunderpants thread.

i'm jealous of  your TPs.  that's why. 

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spreadin the thunderpants love around

Can you tell im still excited? 

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325i Goldies + Mogami + Blue headband + Mod soft pads, nothing special





My new amp will arrive next week!

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Is it allowed to cross-post pics from another thread? Well, here it is, as seen in the "computer rigs" thread as well:


sepinho's audiostation


My transportable home listening rig.


At the center of it is my headless Mini ITX computer holding my music and controlled via Plugplayer on the Ipod Touch or foodroid on my Android tablet.

It's hooked up to my AUNE Mini USB DAC, which in turn is plugged into the Little Dot II++. The Sony PCDP is plugged into the (barely visible) Bravo amp for the time being.


My headphones are stored on a Ikea Grundtal towel holder softened by isolation for heating pipes, the headphone cords are held by S-shaked hooks attached to the second bar of the towel holder. The entire setup is on wheels and all power cords are consolidated into one "onboard" power strip, so I only need one power outlet whereever I decide to haul the whole thing.


The box on the bottom shelf covered in Native American designs holds my IEMs and extra vacuum tubes, the box on top of that has LODs, alternative/replacement ear tips and other portable accessories. On the left side of the top shelf, you can see my three portable players. I'm considering getting either a standalone CDP with coax-out or a toslink-to-coax converter for my Iriver H120 to utilize the AUNE's coax in.

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Sweet that it roles around. 

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Yeah, that's very well thought out!

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What cans have been re-terminated to the 4pin XLR?

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This is what I use at home attached to a MacBookPro with iTunes and AppleLossless files.


Will photograph my office system to post later.

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