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Step up from Outlaw interconnects?

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I'm planning on buying the Outlaws here pretty quick, and I was just wondering if anyone had any opinions about what the next step up might be. I'm guessing I can't afford it, but I'd at least like some ideas if you guys happen to have any.

Also, if there is anyone who doesn't like the Outlaws and has opinions about a better "bang for buck" interconnect, I would certainly be interested in hearing that as well.
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I doubt you'll find a pair of interconnects with a higher bang-for-the-buck value than the outlaws. And I also think you'd need to spend quite a bit more money before you found a cable that sounded much better than they do.
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What he said. From what I've been able to gather from the cable experts, the outlaws will give you quite a lot of usage. I mean, let's be serious. Cables should come after your source, amps, etc. But outlaws are too good to pass up for the price, and you'll be able to stick with them for quite a while.
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While I have no direct experience with any of these cables, I've considered them all as I've built each of my systems. None of them need to cost you more than $150.

Mapleshade Clearview Ultra-thin Ribbon: http://www.mapleshaderecords.com/twe...rconnects.html

DIY Cable Superlative: http://www.diycable.com/ic_superlative.htm

DH Labs BL-1: http://www.silversonic.com/docs/prod/

Homegrown Audio Silver Lace: http://www.homegrownaudio.com/lace.htm

Nordost Blue Heaven:

JPS Labs Ultraconductor: http://www.jpslabs.com/ultraconductor.htm

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cables is all about system matching. the outlaw are very nice but that doesnt mean its the best cable for all systems and ears.
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I would go with the outlaws, for the price and the sound quality that goes with them you can't beat the deal. I am very satisfied with the price for performance ratio.
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I'm going with the Outlaws first. Since they come so highly recommended and they are inexpensive, it's not like there's any risk involved.

However, after that I might try out some other interconnects and compare them to the Outlaws to see if they really are the best that I can afford ($150>) for my system.


Since everyone hears differently (obviously) and various components do different things to the sound (obviously), this seems like a good idea. Plus, it will be interesting and help me develop my ear.
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