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Good communication and very quick with payment. Would highly recommend with his future dealings on the Head-Fi FS forums!
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Bought a Go-Vibe and Pocketdock from me. Very good Buyer... Quick payment, Good Communication. Transaction could not have gone any better

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glac1er bought a pair of Ultrasone HFI-550's from me. Paid quickly, no price haggling. An all around pleasure to deal with.
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Great buyer. Easy to communicate with and very quick payment.

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glac1er bought some headphones from me. His communication was great and payment was lightning fast. Thanks!
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very fast

quick payment, good communications, A1

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Bought a pair of Ultrasone's from glac1er. Very nice and great communication, shipped first and was patient with me transfering funds to my paypal account.

Would happily do business with again!
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Trustworthy individual. I sold a pair of AKG K501s to him. The transaction went perfectly smooth. He paid as I requested, I shipped promptly, and both of us were happy. Would definetly buy from or sell to again. Thank you glac1er.
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glac1er is a great guy to deal with. bought hd phones from him but didn't realise did not have enough $$ in Paypal a/c. He trusted me and sent me the hd phones although i could only pay him the balance (app 30%) almost a week later. Definitely great guy!!!
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Great communication, decisive and fast payment, great person to deal with overall
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Glac1er bought a pair of ATH-CM7SVs for me and I am amazed at how smoothly the transaction was handled, payment was prompt and he covered the fees for me even though I didn't ask him to, he's a great guy and I hope to do business with him in the future.

Thanks, David
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Thumbs Up All The Way

A pleasure to sell to. Great communication and lightning fast payment. I wish all transactions went this smoothly.. Seriously. Would sell to again in a heartbeat!
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Excellent buyer. A pleasure to deal with...great communication and fast payment. Easily recommended!
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Glac1er sold me a pair of heaphones. He was a pleasure to deal with at all times. He was careful to pack the headphones well and sent them out as soon as the electrons disapated from my paypal payment.

He sent them out Priority Mail when I requested it although he did not have to. Nice.

Communication was quick and friendly. Perfect.

Thank you Hadi and enjoy your RX-8.
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Traded my Ety ER4P for his AKG K501.

He is a great guy to trade with. Smooth like silk.
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