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Need recommendation for a good optical cable.

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Anybody know of any good optical cables? I want to replace the one that I run to my Sony MDR-DS5100 system which is a Radio Shack cable. I'm looking to stay under $200.
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Apparantly Van Den Hul do a couple but not sure what the prices would be in the usa?

Anyway here is the website address:- www.vandenhul.com
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Yeah, I read some good reviews on the Van den Hul Optocoupler. I think I may order it from here.
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The VDH is the best (or one of the best) optical cable out there ($150). But pairing with the DS5100 using its wireless phone, it sounds bloomy & muddy (But this is not the case when using a plugged phone). I suggest the Oehlbach, costs less than $50 & IMHO it is a good match with the DS5100.
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cdrom, I never heard of the Oehlbach. Where can I get it or find more information on it?
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sony mdr-ds5100

Check audioreview.com for a slew of TOSLINK cables. There some rave reviews for the harmonic technology silver platinum opticable which was said to creat a BIGGER SOUND IMAGE and DEEPER BASE on receivers that didn't with other cables. It looks as if sony made a boo-boo with supplying their own cheap cable in the first place!
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You could try a MIT optical cable.

They can be found cheap on Ebay.

Here is an example:


Good Luck!
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Um, I don't really see how much effect the optical cable could possibly have. it doesn't need shielding and conductance like normal cables, where would the degredation be? in how well it blinks?
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That was my first thought, Sirwar... wait a sec, it still is my thought

Didn't we have that discussion where we determined coax cables didn't matter? Well whats up with optical? Maybe the glass is better or something...
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Yeah, tiny differences in glass purity and composition can definitely screw up the signal being transmitted. Would you hear the difference? Maybe, maybe not...
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Sirwar and chych:

You are right, the only place a an optical cable would be better than a coax would be in a magnetically noisy environment. The only way I see that an optical cable could sound better than another would be the quality of the fiber or the connectors and my guess is the connectors. As far as signal degredation the cable is so short that it won't matter, unless it is bent too far.

Personally I would pick a digital coax over an optical any day because there is one less signal conversion you have to worry about. For example, if you use optical cable for your CD player here is the path of the signal:

Digital (elec.) -> Digital (optical) Trans ||| Digital (optical) Rec -> Digital (elec.) -> analog

||| Represents the cable


I say order one where you have a demo period if you can't tell a difference from your Radio Shack special you don't need to uprgrade. However, I have heard good things about Van den Hul cables but I have no experience. Plan on ordering some soon though.
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I like the cool red light...
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Check out the:

Canare DigiFlex Gold model RCAPOO3F
75ohm cable with RCA Canare crimp
$13 a meter

Dirt cheap and recommended by Stereophile!

Can't beat that bang for your buck
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Here's their website : http://www.canare.com/
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