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Good ART DIO powersource in Sweden?

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My DIO should arrive within two weeks and as I am buying
a US version I will not be able to use the bundled powersource.

I have a few adapters that I will be able to use, but I am going to try to find something better with at least 3A.
I am not able to use the ones you guys usually recommends so I will have to lookup something else...

I have found this for about $70:

What do you guys think? Is it usable for the ART with the correct plug?
I know nothing (very little) about these things - is the switching thing something good or bad for my use?
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By the way, that one was 5A regulated.

Would this one be enough at 3A and about $60?
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I will get the ART DIO tomorrow - it's at my post office waiting for me.
So I would really like to know what you think...
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Astroinvader that looks to be the WRONG PSU.

The ART DIO requires 9V AC not DC as the above PSU seems to be. The standard PSU supplied with the ART DIO is a 9V AC @ 1.3a and the popular US Stancor upgrade is 9VAC @ 3.4A.

If it's a $10 difference between a 3A and 5A model definitely go with the 5A.

The other factor is, for a standard ART DIO, there are claims that optimal (sound) voltage can be found at 9.83V.
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Thanks! Finally an answer...

Actually, the DIO arrived yesterday. My custom cable made by my local hi-fi store did not work. I will solder in some resistors on my own this weekend... very much looking forward to hearing how it sounds.

The adapter I used and that seems to work is a 9v DC. I read afterwards in the manual that it should be AC and NOT DC.
I have personally never seen an AC 9v supply... but I guess it could be found.

Why would my DC adapter work when the manual specifically mentions that AC is required? I know practically nothing about these things...

I had no problems getting an external sync from my Soundblaster Live 5.1 but the signal was distorting in my amps.
I have ordered a MG Head OTL which should be here within a month... and that should work without attenuators without distorting badly.

Also, about soldering that attenuator myself, does it matter which direction the resistors are soldered in? And can I use the same "network" in either the RCA plug or Teleplug - is the network directinal?
Can I hook it up directly to added RCA females inside the unit using the same network of resistors?


I have this diagram to duplicate and I know how to solder but I have no clue as to how the components work or how the hookup works

Any help is much appreciated!
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Would this be a better choice?


Rated at 3.4A at 9vac.
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It doesnt look to be regulated.

i'd be careful or you'll end up frying the ART DIO then again you're running if off DC.. lol That's weird.

re attenuators, dont know anything about that as my ART DIO was purchased modded with the voltage dropped already. btw resistors are not directioned.
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I got help from a friend at work and we re-made the attenuator cable - it now works as it should.
But the sound was still distorted - it must be the DC power...

I think it's odd that the unit wored as well as it did - I had no trouble getting a sync or "ok" sound at low levels...

I found a 8.5v AC adapter in an old box and the sound was fine with that one, although a bit quiet.

Today I bought the first 9v AC I could find - $10, but only 1000mha.
This one made all the difference - my ART setup now works great! (At least with the tube removed.)

Good to know that my setup works, it's difficult to know with eBay things sometimes, and especially when they need custom stuff to get it to work - it's now worth looking up a better powersource!

I have not had time to do some critical listening... but my first impression is a more liquid smoother sound with less fatigueing harshness... compared to the SB live
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The external powersupply is really just a transformer that brings down the AC voltage to 9V (still AC).

The actual powersupply is built into the Art di/o itself. It's regulated.
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