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Originally Posted by archosman
Bettas are better off in a traditional aquarium. Being in a small bowl in the long run isn't good for them. Then again can't see the entire picture either.
As long as you don't put another male bettas
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How did I miss this thread? Here's a couple shots of our mutt Petey:

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I can't resist a couple more pictures of my cat simba

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First up, my wife's first cat (had to put her down), KC:

Next, our two latest knuckleheads (adopted from foster care) lounging on top of the kitchen cabinets. Casey front/left, JoJo in the back, looking disinterested:

Finally, my girl, Penny:

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Jordi is the older miniature schnauzer and Jazzmine is the puppy. They keep you going leaving little time for quality time listening.

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My 2 months old Schnoodle (mini Schnauzer + toy Poodle)
We named him Smoky Not sure if he will turn out like his father or mother, but he sure is cute and we love him very much

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Rex .... is 17.



Baby Kitty

Lucy and Maggie

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This is one of our cats, Mookie, who is such a little boy...always getting into trouble

...and, no, this picture is the right way up
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The local rats, Stubby and Brownie.
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Caught in the act ! Joey
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One of the cats...
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The black ones are our horrible beasts.
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I only own a cat because my fiance has one and I don't like it. So I got one to antagonize her cat. That plan was a success.

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