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my cat, sam.
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Originally Posted by max-9
Every time I see this it's horrifying.
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Originally Posted by BodiesOfLight
Every time I see this it's horrifying.
For the love of God would you people stop including the pic in the quote!
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My cat Abigail. Notice her eyebrows. And no, I didn't draw them on with a magic marker!

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What the heck is that from? Is it photoshop or some sort of hollywood special effects make-up? I never saw that before, and I must say it looks pretty damn amazing. I am very curious to know exactly what it is I am looking at.

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Nevermind, found out for myself.

For those interested in learning more about the image click here! Fascinating IMO.
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Originally Posted by Elec
He's clearly an adorable little black Pug

(unless I'm wrong and it's somehow a small French Bulldog or something, but my money's on Pug)
You are 100% correct, Henri is a black pug.
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this is my pet rock. his name is Squishy. it feels Squishy when I pet him. I love him dearly.

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No tigers?
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ok, i need a cat. but how do you guys keep them from getting hair on your equipment and destroying your cables?

not a tiger, but he thinks he is:
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Our Pack. Bubba, Peanut, Pugsly, et al

Bubba & Friends
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Here are my cats



And here is Puma in action
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And for another dog picture. My little old man Sandy, now deceased. He was awesome.

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Here's my Bichon Frise...Buttons. She likes to sleep a lot

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My roommate just got a Goliath-Bird eating spider. I kid you not, this thing eats birds and small mammals like mice. It is the most horrible thing ever....I'll see if I cant get a picture of it.
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