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My dog ran away 6 days ago...
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Inspired by the Motivational Poster thread, I present Zoe the bad cat.

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Well, I raided my Wife's fileshare to get some pictures of our cats...

Here they all are posing for us nicely.

Here is a picture of my cat Raistlin up close... he is a bit of a scaredy cat and not anywhere near as serious as his name would suggest. Because of this we call him 'Pooky' more often than not.

The boys Mom, Penny Lane... and she's looking pissed. We call her Penny or Bitz for short.

The cats love boxes and bags on the floor. Raistlin and The Bumbacat [shown in my avatar] are having some fun in a box from the GAP. We probably should have named the cats in reverse as Bumby is quite serious. Because of this we've taken to calling him Mr. Bums or just Mister.

Cats love trees, even if they are fake.

Sometimes the only way we can get Mister to stop meowing is to build him a fort... what a weirdo.

PS. Do you see someone lurking in the shadows in this picture?

The cats love the sink. We usually leave the tap running a bit so they can have a drink

And sometimes Penny gets right in there.

This is my personal favourite... Raistlin looks like a squirrel or something.
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Her Royal Highness

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Finally! Some more dogs on this thread lol! I'll go get a pic of my dog now.
Here we go - my kid sharing the audiophile lovin' with our Shiba Inu.
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One of my saltwater tanks....a 3 gallon pico.....

3 Gallon Pico-Reef

Closeup of Corals
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Thread Starter 

even the fish are representin'

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Here's BillBob (with a little Photoslopping)

Also, you gotta check out Google Video for some funny pet videos:

World's dumbest dog:

Funny cats:
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Ginger, with my old SR80's

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Originally Posted by jbloudg20
Ginger, with my old SR80's

She matches your table.
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Originally Posted by Pappucho
One of my saltwater tanks....a 3 gallon pico.....

3 Gallon Pico-Reef

Closeup of Corals

Another Nano-reefer representing!

I'm just a lurker there. Haven't started mine yet.

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Here is Stanley.

He is on the right with my wife. His brother (and my mother-in-law) is on the left.

This is shortly before a recent haircut (poodles don't have fur.) I will add a more recent one after the weekend.

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