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Tony Yayo
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I've titled this one "Midnight with something up her nose"

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Pic of my cat (after pissing him off a bit)

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Say hi to my cat Bitzi...

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Wow Midnite has a twin!
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tony yayo's wife, jackoon

when she was a kitten we thought she was a boy so we named her jack, then we found out she's a girl and she has a bad habit of searching through garbage bags that are left by the front door, like a racoon....

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My weird cat Fenton:

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[QUOTE=BodiesOfLight]My weird cat Fenton:

Whoah, that's an awesome cat! All of these cat pictures make me wish I had a cat (my family has three dogs, all Shelties).
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action shot
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Originally Posted by BodiesOfLight
My weird cat Fenton:

That picture is so awesome...I love it...I was never really a cat person because growing up we always had a dog. My brother in law just got a cat and now these pics make me wonder if i'd like a cat one day...
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WOW! Is this a cat thread, or what! Where's the fidos!!

BodiesOfLight, I love that sweetie!
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What's up with all the cats?

Any Dog owners?

I'll post a pic of my pug pretty soon...

Bugsey (AKA Bugsey Malone)
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This is Cosmo (Christmas Day)

He's one year old this month - and weighs over 15 lbs.

Cosmo gets his ear chewed by Abby.

A composite of all our cats (past and present)

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