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Amelie - Jeunet

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I wasn't too happy when I read the DVD box that my wife brought in last night. It looked like a girl movie - you know, Beaches, Steel Magnolias etc. But it's by Jeunet, half of Jeunet et Caro of Delicatessen, City of Lost Children etc. Worth watching and very funny.
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Yeah its a good one.

(Likes: exchanging glances with bored housewives in the grocery store, creating a mysterious isolation while taking a shower, the cool underside of the pillow at night.
Dislikes: messy toolboxes, ice crystal layer on ice cream, thin socks.)
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Brilliant movie, better then A Beautiful Mind!
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Amelie is a gem for sure. Great story, wonderful cast, superb acting. And Audrey is cute too. Very cute

Honestly, it has been a while since I have been floored by something from Hollywood, but I am repeatedly floored by films coming from over-seas or even here at home (Canada). Another GREAT French film is Brotherhood of the Wolf. Tough choice for Zanth's favourite movie of the year....Amelie or BOTW. Close call. I will have to thinkn on it.
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just downloaded........errrrr. I mean "acquired" the movie. Will watch when I get some time. My friends love the movie.
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I really enjoyed this movie too. I don't know if this is a "ckick flick" per se, but if you have a romantic bone in your body, you'll like this too (besides, as Zanth noted, Amelie is *very* cute ). If not, it's practically worth it just to look at the darn thing, the colors in the film are simply amazing.

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Re: Amelie - Jeunet

Originally posted by aeberbach
But it's by Jeunet, half of Jeunet et Caro of Delicatessen, City of Lost Children etc.
Let's not forget his masterwork: Alien Resurrection

I really liked Amelie. IMO Jeunet has finally found a vehicle to harness his unique visual style in a way that can touch a mainstream audience.
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Amelie is a modern masterpiece, as is the City of Lost Children. Alien Resurrection however get a high ranking on my turd list.
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Liked Amelie alot. An enjoyable slice of life told in an imaginative and visually beautiful manner. Judicious use of CGI effects do not distract from the "old school" European hue of the film, and only enhanced the story in an unexpected way.

Although I must confess that I have always found French women in film somewhat inaccessible, and difficult to sympathize with. If not for Audrey Tautou's huge, brown, doe-eyes, and beautiful face, I am afraid that I would feel as little for her as I ever did for Catherine Deneuve. Is it just me?

I actually found the other characters around her more real and interesting. Absolutely loved the traveling knome side-story!

All-in-all... a delight.
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My roommate's girlfriend has this movie. Guess I'll have to borrow the dvd from her.
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Originally posted by Zanth
And Audrey is cute too. Very cute
What's amazing is that the actress is even more cute. I think they deliberately "down-cuted" her. For most of the movie, not all of it.
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Yah, Delicatessen is one of my favorite movies of all time. I finally saw City of Lost Children last year, and that too is one of my favorite movies. Jeunet is a master.
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yep... only romantic comedy i'll ever admit to likeing, much less go to see in the theaters... with another guy...

and now we're living together

the power of hollywood. or paris, as it were...
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Amazingly, "Delicatessen" is still not available on DVD!
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Actually, I know about this movie all too well. I've seen it over 12 times. (i used to work at an indie theater) While, it did have it's moments, it didn't really have a solid plot IMO. In fact, there was a russian couple who absolutely hated it. While I do think it is an okay movie, i don't consider it to be one of the best out there.

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