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Wireless Grados - I'll give you all the full info soon!

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Dear Headfizers,

I've just received the press pack for the Freesystems + Gradolabs limited edition wireless headphone system. It has all the product literature about this upcoming product. I know you guys love your headphones so I'll try type it all out for you guys tomorrow...

I also got some pretty pictures so I'll photograph the pamphlet. I don't have a scanner handy at the moment. Please remind me if you don't see any details from me within the next two days...
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eh. old news.
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I'd love to see this info, as I've not personally seen the pictures of the specs myself (and if I did, I don't remember).
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I would also like to see this, thanks in advance for taking the time to post the info.
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Yes, please post this info and the pics!

Thank you for thinking of us
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Thanks, evilcthul.......please post what you have! I can't believe there may be a cordless Grado in my future!
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OK Here is the text

I will post the pictures soon... For now here is the text (please mind any typos):

Companies involved are:
http://www.freesystems.com.sg - Free Systems
http://www.gradolabs.com - Grado Labs

From the cardboard brochure:
"Quality, Elegance Purity.

Experience the perfect balance of art and science, of simplicity and sophistication of purity with power.

From FreeSystems, the developer of Freespan (patent-pending) digital audio transmission technology and Grado Labs, world famous for its critically acclaimed headphones and phono cartridges, comes a truly ground-breaking product - the limited edition FreeSystems Grado Digital Headphone System.

The headphone system delivers perfect audio quality from your audio source to your favorite armchair through a crisp, clear and convenient digital wireless link - it's pure indulgence.

The pioneering system consits of the Freesystems-designed infra-red transmitter and receiver which incorporate the well-regarded Grado RA-1 headphone amplifier. The transmitter and receiver use Freespan full bandwidth, low noise, zero compression transmission technology to provide a crystal clear digital wireless link between the audio source and user.

Coupled with this is the understated yet classic headphone design from Grado Labs. The handcrafted precision headphone features machined aluminium components with a fine black leather headband that match the receiver's black and aluminium chassis.

Visually, the effect is a stunning balance of refined artisanship with cutting-edge technology - a balance as stunning as the sonic quality of the system itself.

The FreeSystems Grado Digital Headphone System, as a limited edition, is reserved for a select few - those special individuals who seek and appreciate art and science in perfect harmony. [evilcthul notes: or head-fizers/headwizers]"

Back of Brochure:
A state of the art headphone and amplifier system with Digital Wireless Link
* Digital Receiver with rechargeable NiMH batteries
* Charger
* Grado limited edition headphone
* Digital infra-red transmitter (not shown)
* User's Guide
* Limited edition certificate

Freespan wireless technology
* Full audio bandwidth (20hz to 20Khz @ -3dB)
* CD Quality
- Compression free
* No more hiss
- Crisp, clear and quiet
* Audio error correction
* Gentle mute

Grado Machined aluminium headphones:
*Hand crafted, matched

* Safe

Technical Specifications:
Power: external supply 100-240V 50-60Hz
Digital Audio Inputs: Optical (TOSLink), Coax (S/PDIF)
Analog audio input: 1 pair RCA phono jacks
High performance 24-bit ADC

Power: built in, NiMH rechargeable battery
Charger: 100-240V 50-60hz
Horizontal pick-up: 360 dgrees
Amplifier: Grado RA1 Circuitry
High Performance 24bit DAC
Controls: off/on, mute
Battery Life: 5 hours

Grado Headphones
Type: open-air
Diaphragm: low mass polymer
Magnets: Neodymium
Voice Coils: Long crystal (UHPLC) oxygen free copper
Driver: vented diaphragm design with a large air chamber.


Ok... my arms are a bit tired after that I'll try post the Stereophile article plus the press release a bit later.

The headphones are basically a wireless RA 1 + Grado SR325. The RA1 unit is the wireless part not the headphones so you should be able to even use it with RS1 or Senn HD600 if it uses RA1 circuitry.

For those that can't wait till I have the pics up:
The earcups are embossed with "Freesystems Grado labs - Limited Edition"

The RA1 transmitter unit looks like its made out of METAL not wood. It has a white face plate with a headphone like ear cup on the top. It looks like they slapped an SR325 ear cup on the top of the amp to hide the IR circuitry. It's hidden inside the little bulge on the top to allow 360 degrees of wireless transmission.

More to come soon...
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Cordless....grados....NAH! I just want MacDEF's SR60s for free!
(POST THE PICS...don't misinstrepret my post.....)
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Headwize had, on its news page, a few pictures from CES 2001 back in January. One of the pictures and blurbs appears to be the Grado/Freesystems setup:


Scroll down
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see? old news!
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