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Originally posted by RobertR
does your receiver have a stereo mono switch on the front panel?
Robert, I just assumed he had checked that first..........but, good question. Somehow I don't think it has one. I least I hope not.
BTW, I just checked my son's Denon stereo/mono switch. Unbelievable!
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No mono/stereo switch but the Y adapters worked! I went to
Radioshack and picked up the following:

#42-2538 Y-Adapter (Two RCA plugs to one RCA plug)
#42-2535 Y-Adapter (Two RCA plugs to RCA jack)
# 42-2361 3' extension cable

Total cost: $10.89

I probably need a better quality cable. In a short listen I haven't
detected any degradation of the sound. I don't mind mono sound from
my speaker system but would with my headphone system.
Although headphone imaging is often criticized at least its
stable and not prone to shifting everytime a piece of furniture is
moved or you move two feet from the sweetspot.

Many thanks guys - I owe you one!
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as assfl said, Y cables aren't a very good idea. read the 'why not Y?' article in the headwize library for further info. assafl's suggestion using resistors is probably the simplest way to safely mix the signals.
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Thanks for the reference. It's simple enough to do - even for me. In my case it's probably even more advisable. I'm using the output from an ART DI/O unattentuated. I must be really overloading! No damage done yet - I hope.
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