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Supra IC/AC quality?

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I don't have any expensive cables and have not had the opportunity to try any out to form my own opinion on the sonic differencies. I am sceptic about any major changes. Expensive cables do look really cool though, so I am willing to try them out just because I know they will at least look good in my systems.
Anyway, I want to try some better stuff but not too expensive.

Which leads me to my question: I can get Supra brand cables for
fairly good prices here in Sweden. Have any of you guys tried them and tested them against other cables?
Although I like good looks I am always looking for a good price/performance ratio and if these cables are good they will be suitable - they do look kind of plain though

I already have a few Supra cables from random buying through the years; speaker, optical and now this one:
This week I went to my local shop to ask them if they could make a custom ART DIO cable for me - 7v-monotele-resistanse-rca-2,5v.
They could, and did. So now I have a custom cable waiting for my ART that's coming my way through the mail... $90 on ebay...

The price was about $50:
Supra PPX gold plated RCA for $10/pair
Supra EFF-1 cable $10/m
Neutrik silver plated metal housed teleplug $15/pair
+Service $10-15

Then I looked up the EFF-1 on the net and noticed prices of $180 for a 1m IC... looks like I got a good deal.

Supra claims that their cables are directional, and I just noticed that the guy who put my custom cable put the cable in the wrong direction. Is this something I should worry about?

Now there is also a Supra power cable for about $40. Anyone tried it? It's dead ugly ice-blue plastic so I will definitely not buy it for looks But if anyone thinks it is good I might try it just to help me form an opinion on the effect of power cables...
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I have never tried Supra cables, but some have got good reviews in UK magazines. The price is lower in Sweden so it can be good value for money.
Hard to say if you should worry about the directionality. It can sometimes affect the sound. Talk to the guy who made the job. If it is shielded I thinkt the important thing is if the shield is grounded in the right direction rather than the direction of the arrows.
The Supra power cable seems to be a good value, especially if you buy it per meter and assemble it yourself. It has got a positive review in a Swedish magazine. The constructions looks good and it is cheap, so make one and test yourself!
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