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Though I wouldn't defend the K501s bass, I think the Golden Ears presentation of the measurements is quite different from that of Headphone.com, which unfortunately doesn't have the K501. If you take the baseline of -20 as 0, then the K501 has is only a -7 or -8 DB below 0 response at 40Hz on Golden Ears, which is quite comparable to many good bookshelf speakers/monitors, even ones that cost thousands of dollars. 


By that comparison, there's only a 4-5 DB lower amount of bass than the K702, which has about -2 to -4 DB below 0 at 40Hz on the Golden Ears site (http://en.goldenears.net/8281). So in all, you lose a significant amount of bass compared to the supposedly higher class and newer model, but I still doubt that difference is damaging to the enjoyment of most acoustic music. Most people who went from the K501 to the K701/702 directly, found the highs to be a bit less charming on the latter model, and the soundstage to be almost unnaturally expansive. I personally prefer them for most music to my Sennheiser HD650s, despite the significantly larger quantity of bass in the latter.


To understand the difference in presentation see Golden Ears vs. Headphone first compare two graphs of the K702 and then see the Golden Ears graph of the K501:



So when you look at the K501, take into account that the way the bass roll off looks more dramatic than it would if it were on Headphone.com.


The Headroom measurements on Headphone.com (build a graph), seem to show the K702 with bass that is in positive territory (above 0) right down until 40Hz where it starts going south (versus around 70-80 Hz on Golden Ears). If the Headroom guys are getting about 4-5 extra DB in the bass, then one could plausibly assume that if they had measured the K501 it would have shown bass at around 0 down to about 80Hz and then only about -5 to -7 DB at 40Hz, which seems to be closer to what I am hearing depending on the amp. While it's still not amazing, it does show that the K501 is probably not that far behind it's (younger) big brothers in terms of bass performance.   


And as an final point, the Golden Ears frequency measurement display of the highs appears a lot more dramatic than Headphone, where the K702 looks to have a huge spike around 2K, but on Headphone.com the measurements look nearly flat, give or take a few DB until about 9K where the steep roll off begins. So without getting out a calculator, the treble on the K501 looks a bit smoother on Golden Ears than the K702. If that is the case, you could expect that if Headphone.com did review the K501, it would have a bit less bass from 100Hz down to 0hz, and show nearly linear treble up to around 10K. 


Note: I'm a historian not a scientist or engineer, so please take this with a grain of salt. 

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One other, separate point, is you can do a personal hearing test between your cans, and compare low tone response: http://www.audiocheck.net/audiotests_frequencychecklow.php


I can hear the K501 fine from 30Hz up to 200. On my DT150s I can hear from 20Hz up, and with the only difference being that they are a bit louder than the K501 from about 40Hz-110Hz, (and the DT150s are closed cans known for having a lot of sub-bass). They are also harsher in the upper highs, though, and make the voice on the test sound distorted, instead of smooth, as with the K501s.


With this test, there's clearly nothing happening below 30Hz, but if you look at Foobar music graphs, a lot of music has stuff going on in that range. However, on the plus side, these sub-bass frequencies can also be quite fatiguing, so not having them may be a good thing for some people who are sensitive to them. 

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Anyway you put it, the K501's are just not known to have much presence in the bottom end. It's just part of their sound signature. It's not a great all rounder, but where it shines, it shines bright. 

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I think the bass roll off is not that bad because the roll off is "linear."

If you switch from the 501 to a linear heaphone, you will think I will have much bass but after a minute or so that feeling will be gone.

Same you you go back back to the 501.

First you miss the bass but after a minute its ok.

Of course this is not true 100%, you will always note little bass presence, but it's definitly there and not has also good quality.

Have heard to worse headphones.


p.s Since I know, that there is such a difference between the k500 and the k501 I wonder how the k401 sounds compered to my k400"

but they are hard to get I think

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This sounds great with Jazz and chamber..

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Originally Posted by Quinto View Post

This sounds great with Jazz and chamber..

I wonder wich mods you have done to your k501.

Cable and pads?

Was it worth it?

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Originally Posted by interface95 View Post

I wonder wich mods you have done to your k501.

Cable and pads?

Was it worth it?

cable..no :D   ..pads are bit more comfortable

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I replaced the elastics following @MDR30's very helpful guide.

One tip: replace the top part that's connected slider on the headband before you unscrew the big black screw that's inside the housing. Otherwise, it can be unwieldy and you have to be extra careful with the wires.

Here's a photo of the elastic on the side of the housing, taken from a slightly different angle.

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I'm in Akg family with K240 df, K280 parabolic, K400 EP, K701 but I'd really love to try this K501 for Jazz. Difficult to find it in Italy, maybe not many sold here...mad.gif. Longings for a pair to compare with my K400. If someone....maybe in EU....wink.gif PM me soon!
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K501 is indeed a nice headphone for Jazz, Chamber and woman voices (not POP & Rock).

K812 is more detailed indeed, but costs a lot of money more.

K812 is designed to unveil all lapse of an recording, so for relaxed hearing of some crucial recordings K712 or K501 are the better choice.

But I don't want miss the K812 too! He is for intensive hearing!


My other comments to K812, K712 please see here


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Originally Posted by interface95 View Post

I think the k501s aim is the midrange. (though many people like them because of the highs)

To be honest, in comparison to my k601 and k702 (the 2 headphones to which I compared the k501),

the k501 was almost dark sounding.

Also I don't think the k501 has a lack of bass (excluded electronic music)


I cold not agree that the K501 sounds dark comparing to the K701 or K712. 

To the contrary K501 offers for me near the same tonal balance as K1000 or K812 have.

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I miss my k501 so bad, i would have taken better care of them if i knew how rare they would become :/


I have not yet heard a headphone with similar sound, to fulfill the same need

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Originally Posted by Spirulina780 View Post

I miss my k501 so bad, i would have taken better care of them if i knew how rare they would become :/


I have not yet heard a headphone with similar sound, to fulfill the same need



free shipping! :D

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The seller lost all control of his nines, and some wits too.
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Is there someone out there to actually compare the complete x01 line-up (401,501,601,701)? Id love to see that.

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