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This isn't K500 on the pictures, but probably K401. K500 has the 4-wires cable and I see there only 3-wires like in K501 and K401.

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Not that it matters, but it's a K500. Probably for production reasons (pre-soldered, short driver cables) AKG cut the fourth wire at the headphone entrance on these soldered versions. Older versions with spring contacts have all four wires going into the headphones.

I know, and it wasn't a positive discovery when I made a balanced connection...
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I am selling my k501s. The headphones are in excellent condition.  



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Originally Posted by Fungus View Post

I recently got my hands on a mint condition pair but I'm having an issue with the headband mechanism. 

The elastic string that should supposedly automatically be pulled back to it's original unstretched position when not worn is isn't. 

It remains in the most stretched position ....


Hi i have the same problem ... i did this ... with a sponge to clean dishes



I was really worried to damage anything.

Not very nice but fast and effective.  And very good in the summer ... 

When the sponge will be dirty i will just replace it with another one. 

Regards, gino 

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It is nice that almost all parts for k501 are still sold by AKG.
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