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Monster HTS1100 first impression

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I just got the Monster HTS1100 ($129 at as I have very dirty power. At first wary due to my disappointment in my neighbor's HTS1000, my fears were quickly quelled: Monster is not lying when they say that Clean Power 2.0 is completely different from Clean Power 1.0... the completely different being that Clean Power 2.0 is good.

Basically, there are more dynamics, better transients, and a quiet background which leads to more detail. In other words, it's good. If you have bad power, this is a good bargain basement solution.

I also have my monitor plugged into the unit. Colors are brighter and there seems to be more contrast.

Look up matt's review if you want something longer than this.
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I've got one of these too. Seems good for the price.
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Same here. I paid 157 including shipping.
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